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Car Rental in Alberta Advice

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We are flying into Calgary, and driving out to Fernie, Panorama and Kicking Horse next month.

Due to the terrible road conditions that I know are very common in that area, I was trying to rent a SUV, but apparently they are all about $700-$1100 CAD for 15 days.

Anyone have any advice on how to / where to get the deals on car rental...it seems like a pretty harsh markup over a full size car ($400-$430 for the same period). Especially when my instinct tells me that Calgary airport probably has as many SUV's as cars...

Any help?
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I'm not sure I understand your angst with the road conditions in the area. I have rented many different kinds of vehicles out of the Calgary airport and find the one I like the best is a station wagon. I find the SUV's to be a little top heavy if I do encounter glazed roads, and I have never encountered entirely unmaintained roads that would dictate 4WD.

My own formula for poor road conditions runs along the lines of; low profile, good space, and reasonably good traction.

Hope you have a great trip!!! [img]smile.gif[/img]
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I'm flying in to Calgary this week and found the best deal through Avis. If you are a Costco member, use the Avis Worldwide Discount (AWD) number of A108300 with the reservation and it should save you a bunch. I plugged in a two-week rental in February and came up with a rad of $605CAD for an SUV. I doubt you'll find much lower than that. That only comes out to about $27 US.
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You don't need a SUV. If the roads are bad enough to actually need a 4wheel drive vehicle, they will be closed. Go with a front wheel drive station wagon.
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In my post above, it should have said $27US per day. I realize the Canadian currency isn't quite that weak.
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Hi Roger,

I noticed you are new to the forum, and I would like to say 'welcome' to you. ...If you find your posts aren't exactly as you intended in the future; you can fix them by clicking on the 'edit' function at the top of the post. Most of us here do a lot of editing 'after the fact'!!

Hope you are having a great ski season!!! [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Thanks Roger, I am a costco member, and that was exactly what I was looking for!

Still may go with a full size vehicle and save $200, but either way I would have never thought about costco member discounts...

Thanks again to all!
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Thanks for the Costco tip!

Now, if you could only do something about the, ahem, snow drought out there. I was just on the phone with the hotel in Banff where I'll be staying in mid February. At the end of the conversation, I changed subject and asked the reservations agent about the conditions at the ski areas. Loooong pause, followed by, "well..."

Thank god I'm using a FF award, and can cancel my trip without too big a penalty.
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I fly often to Calgary and have only needed 4x4 once after a big snowfall. I usually rent a minivan with Thrifty 403/221-1961 & call them directly for best rate. Be aware that they are in the main parkade just across the terminal & you walk to your car (also Hertz,Avis etc) - some Co's are "remote". That said, I just booked minivan for spring break (Thrifty) for 8 days thru travelocity for CAD $320 so check there as well. Happy trails!
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This conversation of car rentals in Calgary brings up one of my beefs: the rental companies don't rent cars with snow tires.
On some roads to mountain resorts you'll see signs that say beyond this point vehicles should have good winter tires or be carrying chains. When I ask the rental agents about this they don't have a comment other than all-season radials will be good enough. After driving from Calgary to Banff to Sunshine to Lake Louise to Panorama last year and encountering snow covered roads and slippery conditions I complained to Avis and got a form letter in reply.
The day we went to Louise an accident at the cutoff to Sunshine killed an invetigating RCMP officer. In subsequent conversations with locals about the horrific accident they commented that
you never see an upright SUV after they have hit the shoulder. They all fall in the ditch and roll over. So much for SUV's being safer.
The previous year we flew into Kolowna and then drove to Big White in a storm that started twenty minutes after passing the warning sign about good winter tires or chains. I think that was Hertz who provided us with all season radials for the trip.
When renting ask the agent about snow tires and the mountain road signs that say they are required. Let me know if they are now meeting the requirements.
Comments welcomed.
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