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Whistler vs. Tahoe

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I know, this topic has been kicked around a lot. Anyway, I was set on a trip to Tahoe in early March '03. Every skier I know says go to Whistler. To us this is probably a once in a lifetime trip. I have done my homework on Tahoe, it looks and sounds great. If you would, fill me in on Whistler. I like the idea of being at the mountain (no rental 4x4) for the entire week. The network of trails at Whistler looks great. Also, my girl does not love skiing as I do, therefore, she will be spending more time off the slopes than I. For instance, if we go to ski kirkwood and she skis for 2 hours, what does she do for the remaining 5 hours? Would there be more for her to enjoy at Whistler? How does the village of Whistler compare to South Tahoe? Or North Tahoe for that matter?? I think I know which way you all will point us. Fill me in. Thanks. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Whistler has it all in one base.

Tahoe you travel to the resorts from your accomodation (vast majority)

Snow .... I will venture to say about the same with a slight lean towards Tahoe.

Terrain ... again Whistler has it all But the Tahoe region has far more to choose from.

Beauty and asthetics .... TAHOE wins.

But thats just me of course.

Oz [img]smile.gif[/img]
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From my experience of Whistler, it's also cheaper than US resorts, and when I compare Colorado resorts with it, WHistler is more like a European resort when it comes to the Apres Ski scene.
Oh, and I'll be in Whistler in 54 days

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My girlfriend and I had a similar dilemma: Tahoe or Whistler?

We wanted to go on a ten-day trip somewhere different. Like you, I want to ski all day, every day, while the GF will probably ski about 65% of the time, and thus needs a few non-skiing options that she can access without driving.

After running the numbers and comparing the choices, we decided on Kitzbühel, Austria. Cheaper, great nightlife, about the same amount of flight time from NYC, culturally more interesting, a real, 800-year old village as opposed to purpose-built Intrawestland, and access to almost 500 miles of trails on one ticket (at $27 a day)!

If the price, travel time, and terrain are more or less equal, don't Zermatt, Les Trois Vallées, Saas-Fee, Monterosa, or Ischgl sound a whole lot more fun and unique than Whistler?

Just my unsolicited opinion.

Why Europe?
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The real answer to any question of Whistler v Tahoe is probably that there is no correct answer because looking at each over a range of criteria they are not providing the same thing in the same way, so comparison becomes meaningless.

In my experience Whistler would be undeniably more "convenient", particularly if one of your group does not want to ski all day.Assuming you are in Whistler village you live in an hotel/condo and you walk say 5-1o minutes to the lifts. If the longer of those is too much there is a bus. You live in a purpose built village at the bottom of a ski area.The village has everything you need- shops, bars restaurants, a cinema, health club etc. It has that because it was built that way . It can seem a bit Disneyesque but you get convenience etc.

If your partner does not want to ski all day then she can stop, download on the gondola(s), spend some time in the pool/hot tub, and still stroll back to the base to meet you when you come down, at a bar/restaurant.

At Tahoe she can sit in the base lodge and wait for you.The ski areas are not a short walk from any town/village, they are a drive of greater or lesser length depending where you stay.

I have stayed twice in North Lake Tahoe at Incline Village, which was great for us (a family). It is undeniably quieter than Whistler. My guess would be that in an evening you would drive to eat and then come back to your accomodation. Ididnt see much sign of any vibrant apres ski- but then I wasnt looking either

The other towns round the north of the lake are small, attractive but individually or collectively they do not have what Whistler does, certainly in terms of convenience.

You will have to drive everywhere at Tahoe, you will not drive anywhere at Whistler.

But (and this may be a big but) you will be living in a real town/village not one built in the last 10 years or so as an adjunct to a ski area.

I drove through South Lake Tahoe but didnt stop. Casinos, hotels etc. Not my scene- it looked a bit purpose built too- give me Whistler any day over that.

I would go back to the North Shore and to Whistler, but I dont see them as competing because they provide entirely different vacations. Sure they both let you go skiing but just about everything else is different.

I loved the skiing at both by the way. Two people who wanted to ski all day could go to either and have a blast, in your situation I would go to Whistler,subject to one point.The Tahoe weather could be significantly better than Whistler so sitting at the base waiting for you if it was Tahoe sunshine might not be a bad deal !
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The real difference would be more accentuated if the comparison was between a base area of Reno versus being based at Whistler mountain.

Skiing - about the same available

Convenience - Whistler wins hands down

Snow - Probably Reno

Entertainment - They aren't even in the same universe- Reno wins!

Cost - Reno probably wins again. (The casino's offer some deals!)

Acessibility - Reno wins with a great airport and good highways.

---Just my slanted viewpoint!!! [img]smile.gif[/img]
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I agree with what is said about Reno, particularly on cost, particularly on weekdays. As you might expect the casinos want you there to gamble, if you can avoid the temptation then you will get great deals on food/ lodging and some free entertainment watching others lose their money !! Reno would be ok for the North Shore resorts but it is further away from the South Shore than say Incline Village. Also if it snows you will likely have to have a 4 wheel drive and/or winter tyres to access any of the resorts, North or South Shore because you have to go over some summits to get there. Again a minus on the convenience front.
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Well, what you have been hearing is true, Whistler Village has it all, but the weather can be nasty days on end. The terrain is unmatched by US standards & POLICIES, & most everything is skiable in March, in bounds & out. It is a good month, usually, but it can & will rain in the village, I prefer late April, & May, for the Spring stuff, everything & everybody slows down & just enjoys.

How old are you? Watch out for the party weeks, unless thats what you want in your bag. A lot of younsters, nice, cool, but a lot.

Reno is not my bag, that is all.

Although, I love W/B, but after a few more years, I will settle down and build a small place in the woods north of N.L.Tahoe. Weather...just plain better weather, man. (And the 450-500" does not hurt)

All said, my final resting ground will be Tahoe.

edit: seeing that no one has jumped on me over this one,
(hear this) another thing to think about...

Whistler is busy, really frigg'n busy, so much so it bugs me a lot of the time. It's a game, man, but it's doable. (Hint#1) Pow days, take a quawwwd up, be cool & hit up a lift shack (on foot, fool) for "phone in" on what lift will be avi controlled & when (everybody watches the light signs).

Early: I don't even try to beat the crowds, (hint#2)I stay low & in the trees (hint3: Crystal, that's it for now) everybody will pack out 7th heaven as soon as it opens...Glacier well, it's the bomb...hike for 1st tracks, PAY ATTENTION TO THE "CLIFF SIGNS" many are bodybag stuff (oh no, hint#4) buy a local a beer (me) & I'll show you around...around 10:30 that is, there's tons of Pow, everyday, buy a beacon, cause your going OB if your with me.
*(Hey, lucky day, hint #5...busy days stay away from Whistler until 1 or 2, locals are done and tourust are beat & I'm in the bar

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