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Gondola ?

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I just got an advertising e-mail from Resorts of the Canadian Rockies with a picture of a new gondola sporting a Lake Louise logo.

...Is this just a tease, or are they really putting a gondola in for the winter season? What little background there was looked like it was full winter coverage; and just trying to piece the scenery together, I couldn't find anything that made me think it was a picture taken at Lake Louise. I went to their website and didn't stumble across anything. Anyone got the straight dope?

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Last time at was at Lake Louise (1995) there was a summer only gondola that ran from the highway, well below the base of the ski area, up to the mid mountain restaurant.
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Thanks Jim,

I just got a response on a question to RCR and they said about the same thing you indicated. They have a gondola that runs during the summer and is replaced by chairs in the winter. No indication of any changes. ..They did not response to the inference that the picture indicated winter conditions in the background. ..Likely just advertising people putting together the most appealing layout they could.
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