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Conditions at Alpine?

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Thinking of heading up to Alpine this weekend or next weekend for the closing. Haven't been to the lake in a month...how are things?
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Except for the fact that they have almost nothing open.

I was up Tuesday at Squaw and the snow held up pretty well until noon. then it began to get very sticky.

It's probably getting even warmer earlier so the night freeze may not even be happening anymore. Last check, Alpine had 2 lifts running. Squaw had 6 but KT-22 may shut down at any time. The upper mountain at Squaw, (Granite Chief and Shirley Lake) are holding up quite well.

Have fun! and wear lots of sun screen.
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Ah, thanks!

Didn't realize Squaw was still open! Since it's about 3 minutes closer, I'll probably head there instead. I assume High Camp is open and we can bring our swimsuits, too.
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