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Heading to Breck and i've got a few questions

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1: When will you be out here? The time of year will help with what to pack. For instance, January can be quite cold, March will be warmer and sunnier. I find I'm often quite comfortable in a shell, fleece, and a thermal shirt of various weights. If it's sunny, a fleece may be enough. If it's cold and windy I'll throw on my shell.

2: It all depends on your abilities. IMO, all runs at Breck and Vail are easy. Peak 7 is supposed to be pretty easy going. I like peak 10 to start since it's a little steeper and there might be less people. Chair 6 and off the T-bar are also quite nice if there's enough snow and the wind is calm. At Vail, I like the Northwoods lift if it's not too crowded. Big, wide runs off of that to start. Plus you're close to Mid Vail for snacks and it's fairly simple to head over the the back side from there as well.

Also watch your water intake. You want to keep drinking water since you'll be a few feet higher than MN. The altitude can surprise some people. It always messes with some of my family when they visit from MI.

3: Where are you staying? There are grocery stores in Dillon and Frisco (I think Safeway and City Market). Although I've never looked I'm sure there's something in Vail. I'm cheap so the price of eating out when up at Vail, Breck, etc., just blows my mind. Especially on the mountains. For instance, a snickers costs $1.65 at Breck. I usually just pack in snacks rather than drop $30 for lunch for two on the hill. I can't comment too much about off the hill prices. I don't usually eat out when up there. Perhaps someone else can add something.

Have fun!
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Hi Smokey, as to temps, who knows? Last weekend was freezing cold this weekend is warm. Best way to learn Vail is to take advantage of the free Mountain tours, highly recommend it.

Food: there is a City Market as you come into Breck. If you are driving in from DIA you might want to make a stop at the King Soopers grocery store at the Youngfield exit. It is on the western end of Denver. You can pick up discounted lifts for Breck but do not think so for Vail. Also at that exit is Applejacks Liquor store, great prices.

We always bring our lunch to Vail, a soda costs 4.00. Parking around 15.00 a day :
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Heading to Breck and i've got a few questions

Guys I'm going to Breck for a week, 5 days, with some buddies. The plan is to hit Breck the first day and then go over to Vail because it is so huge for the rest of the week.

1st Packing:
Never been out west. I'm from Minnesota so I'm VERY excited but also worried about weather. Here we ski freezing our butts off but I've been looking at the weather on the resorts' homepages and it seems like 20-30F is what I should expect, correct? Will a shell, liner, shirt work or do will I need something else in there for warmth. Here I usually wear a med wt shirt between the liner and shirt. I'm gonna over pack but I'd rather not over pack too much. Which is why I'm here.

2nd Where to go:
Vail is ginormus and I wouldn't even know where to start. What would you guys recomend at Breck and Vail for starting off easy on the first day? And what would be a step up into moderate terrain. I don't want to push myself too hard on the difficult stuff, instead I want to enjoy the slopes at a decent pace.

3rd FOOD:
Whats the food like out there? Are there grocery stores at these resorts or will I be forced to eat out every meal? I'm worried about what I should expect to spend here for food. I'm not sure how much money I need to bring out with me. Of course there is always plastic but I'd like to save that for emergencies only.

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I agree with much of what was said in the previous posts. When the sun is out it always seems much warmer than the temperature would indicate, especially in late Feb and onward. However, don't forget about the night!!! It gets cold really fast once the sun goes down, and if you want to spend any time walking around at night, you will freeze your butt off if you are only wearing what you skied in.

Safeway and CityMarket in West Vail are big supermarkets with reasonable prices. They are on the other side of I70 (go under the road at the roundabout in west vail). There is a big Safeway in Frisco, too, on the way to Breck.
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I'm leaving in the morning. I thought I mentioned that but I guess not. We're actually bussing there with a huge group of people. So I wont actually have a car, I hope I can walk to these grocery stores.

Packing is pretty much complete. I brought t-shirts for each day plus a few long sleeve shirts and a fleece jacket incase.

I'm cheap too but I'm willing to eat out for dinner because it is my first vacation out there. I think breakfast and lunch I'll try to pick up groceries so I can save some money. I ski with a camelbak; I've heard the body takes in water better if you drink throughout the day rather than large amounts at pit stops.

Thanks for the quick replies. I'm so excited I wonder if I'll be able to sleep tonight.

BTW is it true there are shuttles that go between the resorts or was I misinformed about that? I'm staying at The Village in Breck and am wondering how I will get over to Vail.
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I think it's supposed to be warm this week, so I don't think you'll be cold.

At Breck, since you're starting at the Village, start out on the Quicksilver chair. Very tame stuff. The Mercury chair steps it up a notch, the Falcon chair steps it up another notch.

There's a little grocery store in Breck that's 3 or 4 blocks from where you're staying, it's about a block on the other side of Main street.

Have fun! I can never sleep before skiing because I'm so excited.
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