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new volants.

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Has anybody had a chance to demo the new volants yet?
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Does VA post here anymore? Shoot him a PM. 

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Hey Rodney, how come you're replying to a Zombie thread from 2002?

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I posted for the first time in the quiver thread. Then I wondered if VA was still around, briefly searched for him, then responded to this thread I found in the search, on the off chance that I might find out. I probably should have searched further and found one of his posts, then PMed him.

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Grrr .... Aaargh.



Funny thing is, I do have a pair of the new Platinum Ms.

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So how are they? 

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These haven't changed since they started offering the carbon sidewall skis in 02. Be gentile with them, I bent every pair that I had, once they got away from "full metal jackets" the skis turned to crap. 

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