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Anybody Have any info on Crested Butte?

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I'm Going to Gunnison Co to see my Nephew who is going to School There. He broke his leg while skiing at Crested Butte so I'm going to check in on him and make sure he is doing ok. I thought I would get in a day ot two of skiing while I was close to Crested butte any info insider tips on skiing there would be most welcome.
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CB is a great mountain, and one of the truly great ski towns in the west. You will love it. It is stunningly beutiful, very remote, and it really has a special feeling. You are in for a treat.

The mountain isn’t huge, but it is amazing. If you are comfortable on steep terrain, you are in for a fun time. From the base, the Silver Queen lift is your best way to get to the top. It accesses some great terrain. From the top of Silver Queen, you can either head down or up. Down leads you either (1) back toward the base - International, Crystal and Twister are all good runs (often bumped out), (2) over towards Paradise Bowl, or (3) down several steep chutes to the far skier’s-left side of the mountain (great). If you head up the High Lift, you have access to the Headwall. If coverage is good, the Headwall is amazing.

The other place you must ski is The North Face (the best part of the mountain, I think). Take the North Face Poma out of Paradise Bowl. Everything up there is good - Spellbound, Phoenix, the Glades…etc. You name it. This is serious terrain though, so take it easy until you get the lay of the land, or take someone who knows the terrain with you. There are cliffs and drops in these areas - they are fun, but you don't want to fly over a ridge and be surpised. Check out the North Face maps on the CB web site.

There are good tree shots spread all over the mountain. You just have to explore. If it hasn’t snowed in awhile, check out the Gold Link Lift. The runs are flat, but fresh snow sticks around longer there than on the good stuff. It won’t really excite you, but the snow in the trees can be worth a couple of runs if everything else is skied out already.

It has been snowing some lately, and the snow is expected to continue on and off in the near future. You should have pretty good conditions. I wish I was there with ya.

The town is great - it sits a mile or two below the mountain. There are free shuttles back and forth. There are a number of good restaurants along Elk Avenue (the main drag in CB). For Mexican, try Donita’s (a.k.a. the House of Cheese). It is a fun place, with good food and good people. The Crested Butte Brewery has good beers, burgers, and other assorted bar food. If you want something nicer, try Soupcon or The Bacchanale. The Bakery is great - a big local hangout. Paradise has good breakfast.

You will love CB. The surrounding mountains are stunning, and the views are out of this world. The town is authentic and cool, and everyone is super-nice. The hardest part about the whole trip will be convincing yourself to leave.

Have fun!

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By the way, you may also want to check out Monarch. It is close to Gunnison too, and often gets better snow than CB. It is a small area at the top of Monarch pass, with great terrain, and a good feel.

You can buy discount tickets at the grocery store in Gunnison. If you want to splurge, go cat skiing at Monarch. You won't be dissappointed.
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Thanks for the Info My trip has been put on hold But still in the works
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I was just at Crusty Butt for 6 days of skiing. If you trip is back on let me know and I'll post my thoughts on CB. My initial advice is get there as soon as possible since, like the rest of Colorado, they have gotten a lot of snow in the last couple of weeks. Conditions and coverage (this is key for CB) should be really good.
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I just skied CB yesterday.

The weather and snow are the best they've been in years. It's getting really warm, so I'm not sure how long it'll last.

As far as skiing goes, I agree with the comments on the North Face - we spent most of our time doing laps on it. We also skied The Peel, The Headwall, etc. All were fun. The groomers were nice too. No matter where you go there's plenty of good terrain all over the mountain.

It was about an hour drive from Gunnison - not too bad.

All in all, it's the best inbounds skiing I've had at any resort this winter.
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