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Park City and the Canyons in late March

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We were thinking of going to Vail, but man are the housing prices outrageous. So, now we're thinking of going to Park City in late March to coincide with another friend's ski trip. The housing prices are much more reasonable, even the housing within walking distance of Main Street and the town lift.

What are the conditions like at both resorts? I imagine it's very Spring, almost Summer, like, and crowds are nonexistant. Since both resorts are at lower altitude than the LCC and BCC areas, does the base suffer accordingly, especially lower down on the mountain? Does either resort start closing down terrain that early? How's Deer Valley that time of year? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
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I'm biased but I think you'll find things to your satisfaction. As it's a group/family thing, and you had considered Vail, I'm going to assume you're not looking for extreme terrain, anyway. I'm going to assume you've got a couple few intermediates/advanced in there. Again, you'll find plenty of suitable terrain on a good (at least) snowpack. Getting into spring conditions that time of year but with good chances of fresh snowfall, potentially plentiful (at least).
The town is enjoyable - good eats of many varieties, have a brew or two, shops to check out - and you've got three mountains all accessible by quick and easy shuttle.
Canyons and Park City are not that dissimilar in nature, in my opinion. Good intermediate/advanced hills - Park City much more suitable for beginners, with a big, wide, long run down from the top - without a LOT of expert terrain, though it IS there (9990/ Murdoch(?) at Canyons, McConkey/Jupiter area at PCMR). Bears from the area can tell you more about that. (Oh, and Deer Valley has some steeper stuff in the Empire area.)

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Hi Prosper,
Mid to Late march can be some of the best skiing of the season here in Utah. March is normally the snowiest mouth of the year here. Your best bet would be more to Mid March If things are a bit warm on this side of the Wasatch Just take a quick drive over to LCC or BCC for a day The Canyons are a bit higher and being in a Canyon and for the most part facing north They tend to stay cooler and Hold the snow longer. All Three of The Park City area Resorts have a lot to offer just about any type of skier or level skier.Local bus service will get you to any of the three Resorts for free. So if you want to ski Deer Valley and someone in your group wants to snowboard At The Canyons Ski Resort. you can split up for a day with little hassle. A nother thing to think about is that PC is about 45 mins from Salt Lake City Airport and an easy freeway drive. Getting to most Colorado resorts is more then 2 hours from the Denver Airport.
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Well, here's our trip report from this past April. We were there 3/30-4/6/02 and had a blast!

All good things must come to an end…..
Our last 5 ski days of the year were spent in Utah. It was our first time out, but I’m sure it won’t be the last. We had a GREAT time. There are so many places to ski, it’ll take a few more trips to pick our favorites!

We started our vacation with an ungodly 5:30 am wakeup at home in New Jersey. Arrived safe and sound Approx. 2 pm in Utah to 60 degree weather!!?? Good thing I put a couple of T-shirts in at the last minute cause all my fleece and ski clothes stayed in the suitcase all week.

We took Saturday to get settled, check out the lay of the land, and recoup from the difference in time and altitude. Sunday morning we were up and on the town lift in Park City for our first day of skiing. It wasn’t an auspicious start. Hard, crusty conditions had me bumming. We took advantage of the free Mountain Host tour at 10:30 am. It was just the two of us and the host. I HIGHLY recommend this service to people the first time they hit a mountain. It’s a great way to get to know the resort, it’s history, and all the good places to ski. This tour saved the day as far as I was concerned. Our host took us on a 2 hour tour of the mountain, setting a fast pace. He was fun to ski with, and showed us where the best snow was. Because of conditions we stayed away from Jupiter Bowl. All double blacks on those conditions were NOT what these level 6 and 7 skiers needed. The moguls off of Thayes were soft and fun, and my SO enjoyed the steep blues off of King Con lift. The trees were calling to me, but it’ll have to wait till there is real snow.

Monday, I met my first PSL’er, Hi Todd!! He got us over to Deer Valley, which was NOT on my list of places to ski, but they had MUCH better conditions than PCMR and we enjoyed the opportunity to check out this resort. We took the Mountain Host tour here too and had a blast skiing with Jennifer. Empire Bowl was my favorite, made even better when my SO jumped right in, instead of taking the trail around!

Tuesday we shifted lodging from our B&B in Park City – 123 steps and two blocks from the front door the town lift. Don’t know if we could have done that for a full week – to The Canyons. We had heard conflicting things about this resort. Seems people either love it or hate it. Couldn’t beat the price. We got a studio for $129 including two lift tickets. The facility was wonderful, and they offered free yoga classes morning and evening to stretch out tired muscles. Our Mt. Host of the day Fernando, showed us a great time, and took his break with us to show us the rest of the mountain. My SO enjoyed The Canyon’s double blue trails, while I enjoyed the bumps on Paradise off the Tombstone lift, and the Dreamscape area.

We saved the best for last and hit Alta on Saturday. Definitely the BEST conditions of the week. I don’t understand HOW it can be 70 degrees out, and the snow isn’t running off the mountains???!! We explored on our own for the morning, and then split up for lessons. I took a bump lesson that had us going up and down the Ballroom Bowl all afternoon. Too bad I won’t be able to play again till next year ~pout.

All in all a terrific time. I could EASILY live in this beautiful state full time! Will have to come back to finish Alta, Snowbird, Brighton, etc. etc. etc. So many mountains.... so little time.

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