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Jay Peak this weekend

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Headed to Jay this weekend with the family. I haven’t been there since college (many moons past). Alcohol has destroyed any memory of the mountain.

Any comments and recommendations would be helpful

Any comments on the conditions?

I also hear the tram is crowded on weekends and to stay away from it. As most of the terrain can be accessed from the chairs.

Thanks in advance for your input.
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I may be at Jay this wknd w/ daughter too. They got a 6-10" Sun PM into MOn. but windy so its deep in spots and not in others. Temps are supposed to be COLD Wed-Fri but moderating to teens this wknd. should be good. The tram is crowded but during lunch the line gets shorter, personally I think the terrain it serves is some of the best on the hill and whenever the line gets short I head for it. I have a purple eVent parka and chrome helmet, say hi if you see me!
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Get up early take the first tram. After that rely on lifts.

Green Mountain Flyer will allow a lot of runs on the western side of the mountain. Cruise on Ulrrs Dream but don't miss the turn off to the right near the bottom other wise you will hike back to the lift. Do Beaver Pond if you want woods. This lift can be extremely cold since the wind is generally right in your face. JFK can also be good cruising. Also Uppper Goats Run to Green Mtn Boys, or Lower Quai are good intermediate runs.

Bonaventure Chair - CanAm may look good but don't be suckered in usually icy wind blown bumps (wait til spring) mix it up on the intermedate trails (Hells Crossing, Angles Wiggle even Milk Run) do woods for more challange do Power Line. Possbly River Quai (mogul expert but usually decent snow)

Jet Chair - What you see is what you get, straight fall line skiing. Not real interesting just straight with decent pitch. Do Jet early since it gets skiied off, UN is usually nasy icy bumps (Lower UN is worth cruising down). Haynes is Jet with snow, Derricks has double fall line and is the best of the lot (just cross to Haynes near the bottom otherwise its a hike to the lift). Timbuktu is decent woods skiing. Kitzbul is usually not good at this time of the year.

Green Beret (no me this time of the year), Vertigo (expert woods) or Vermonter (Straight don't turn at the first intersection) which is most scenic on mountain.

Have fun I may make it there on Sunday.
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Only been there once, it was on a crowded weekend, and yes the tram line was long. I would recommend taking at least 3 rides on it over the weekend though in order to hit Green Beret, Valhalla, and the Face Chutes.

You can find great terrain off of every lift. Take whatever has the shortest lines. The Green Mountain Flyer is a great lift with great terrain, save for the runout at the bottom. Can't remember the other lift names. The one that takes you up to the center point of the mountain accesses a lot of good stuff. Personally, I absolutely loved deliverance. As long as some of the lift lines were, I didn't find any trail congested (and they're not all slow lifts either).
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Thanks for the great input, [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
I will keep an eye out NewHampie.
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