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The Tahoe Happenings

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Heading to Tahoe in two weeks, and have never been before. I am with a group of college students and we were looking for recomendations on fun night spots, good eateries, and any other valuable information that might be of use. Most importantly- we are looking for recommendations on ski hills- we are all blue with the occasional black skiers, just looking for a fun mtns to enjoy. I appreciate your time if you are reading or responding to this.

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Where are you staying North Tahoe or South Tahoe? Some more information and I could help.


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If you are mostly blue/black you will enjoy Northstar for skiing on the north shore. Sierra on the south shore.

When exactly are you in Tahoe?
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I will be staying on the South Shore and will be in town from the 19th-24th. Thanks for all the help.

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Heavenly is obviously closest to where you're staying. It's a very large area that'll keep you busy for a while.

I would recommend a 45-minute drive down to Kirkwood at some point. (in good weather that is. It can be a rough drive during a snowstorm.) It's at a higher elevation-- therefore usually has better quality snow. It's much smaller than Heavenly, but is a neat area that has a more off-the-beaten path atmosphere than Heavenly (i.e. less crowded and touristy).
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The best buffet is the Forrest room at the top of Harrahs. Get there early. Friday evenings is Seafood night. there is usually a long line by 5:15. It's a bit pricey but if you like sea food and all you can eat. This is the place to go..

Try entering Heavenly from the Nevada side. It's much less crowded over there and it's worth going that route at least one day. Olympic downhill is a great long run. blue all the way down.<FONT size="1">

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I will be traveling down through that area while you are there. We might have to hook up for a day or two,I will surely be able to show you a couple of things, if you know what I mean.
Have fun, hahahah,
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Stangel, perhaps I will be able to provide you with a little more useful information about having "fun" on you vacation.
As far as skiing and terrain goes you had best stick to the greens where you will find yourself most comfortable. Any mountain around that area will surely have enough(2-3) green runs for you exhaust yourself on. You seem like the kind of man who will be done before lunch anyway, even after a 10:30 start. Make sure to stay far away from anything above a 15 degree pitch, for some reason I have visions of you sliding on your ass if you go any steeper. Oh, say like anything at Whitewater. If an occasional green does trip you up, will you keep some amount of dignity and not whine about it being your skis? That would be very embarrasing for the rest of your party.
Is it really necessary that you have suggestions where the hot nightlife is, god and a select few, know that your idea of a good time is pounding a half gallon of beer in the parking lot and calling it quits before the bars are finished with happy hour. Anything later than that and the next morning will not find you awake.
Eateries, first are you sure-all things considered-you would like to engage in that sort of activity? Okay, so if you do, then why don't you just get comfortable, lay in bed with with your two friends Nutrigrain, and Yogurt.
Hope this helps,
(Pete Coors wishes)
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