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Whistler or Jasper?

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Has anyone been to both of these resorts? I am planning a ski group trip for March 03, and have a very mixed group. Some of the group are complete beginners of ages from 14-50, others are intermediates and a few of our travellers have been a few times but are nervous of very steep slopes.

Ideally what we would like to be able to do is have a social type ski holiday were everyone would be able to get to the top of the mountain and there would be a gentle route down. From the point of view of the intermediates amoung us, we would probably like a few runs which would challenge us, but are generally planning to hopefully spend more time with the others.

I look forward to hearing some good advice, Thanks.
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Jasper and Whistler, Now thats certainly a range. Jasper's a nice little resort town with some good resurants and some nite life but my be a little dead during the week. As far as skiing together thats possible off of the same lift though most of the green stuff is off the lower lifts. Its a nice size so it won't be that hard to meet up especically for lunch as there is a nice middle mountain lodge.

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You probably have heard that Whistler Village should come close to satisfying your group's scoial agenda; in regards to your terrain question...

Beginner types and those early into it CAN get down from (near) the top via Burnt Stew trail, with plenty of blue to the sides for the more skilled skiers. Similar trails (Green Line, Crystal Road, Sunset Blvd.) serve the same purpose on Blackcomb. Be advised that considerable segments of some of these trails are quite mild - cat track/fire road - but would seem to satisfy the "gentle" part of your trail needs.

keep in mind that weather @ W/B can make portions of those up-top greens something of an adventure. absolute beginners can be intimated by the combination of low visibility, wind, crunchy snow under the skis, and trail boundary markings that, when it's close to "grey-out," can be less than reassurring to some novices. (but "on a clear day...")

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Why not join me and the guys from the Daily Mail Ski Mag in Whistler in December...

Here is info on this year's trip

...and here are photos from last year's trip

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Jasper does have the advantage that the green way down is not a twisting cat track but a nice trail. I would think that must be huge difference in cost? Would be a very good value for a green / blue mix of skiers. Nothing high speed but no lift lines week days.
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Whistler's definition of a Green Run is only the easiest way down the mountain.
Burnt Stew trail has some stunning views.
I haven't been to Jasper but Whistler may not hit the spot perfectly.
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OK, Whistler probably isn't the ideal spot for a beginner, but I can't think of a single lift on either Whistler or Blackcomb that doesn't have some way down that anyone (other than an absolute novice) could handle. There is an amazing array of terrain for intermediate skiers, so I would say it is a pretty good choice for your group. I've never been to Jasper so I can't comment.
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As the only one to have skied both I'll offer a few comments. Jasper is a resort town but a summer resort town that has a ski hill. It is kinda the local hill for Edmonton but is a little too far for day skiers. So as a result the motels and B&Bs are filled up on the weekends. As such it has way more hotel capacity than skiers mid week as its more based on summer season. So it will be a little dead during the week but you can actually talk to locals as its a very friendly place.
Comparing Jasper and Whistler is kinda like comparing London to Devon. Certainly beginers won't be overwhelmed at Jasper.
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Skied both. Listen to DougW
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Love both. Listen to DougW. :
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May I suggest Sun Peaks for you? Its a 4 hr drive from Vancouver airport, or a short connecting flight to Kamloops BC, then 45 min shuttle trip. You will love the Sundance area. Silver Star is about a 5 hr drive or short flight etc. and slightly more intimate.


Whistler's pretty cool too [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Let me add another suggestion: Kimberley.

Everyone can take the quad to the top and ski to the bottom. The place is seriously "un"crowded.
Locals are friendly. Some of the blues on the front are mostly green in nature that even the newbies could quickly grow into. Accommodation in condos (Silver Birch and Mountain Edge) can be very reasonable.

My favourite mountain.
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