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Mt. Hood Meadows.

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So i'm thinking about a road trip to Mt. Hood Meadows,Or. Hows it been over there this season.
The trip would be after April 7th. I need a week away from Utaww [img]smile.gif[/img]
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You need a vacation from Utaw? (stunned silence) Well come on up, we would be happy to see you but don't expect to find dry powder like I hear that Utaw has. Around here we call it Cascade concrete...it's sort of heavier and wetter; kinda sticky and forms into 'mashed potatoes' that gives us a chance to work on our balance. But pleas, do come up and play because the way it's going right now April looks like one of the better months of 2002. Love to see you here and I'm sure Grizz, Slider or I could show up and try to keep up with you.
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at the end of the season( the resort i work for lays me off) most of my friends head south to 'warm' up. Not me i'm ready to keep skiing. I was at MHM 2 years ago, had a great time. Skied for 4 days, sat on the beach two more day.
Whats the base (current) at MHM? :
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This was a good weekend for Meadows. The base is 188".
I'm sure they're keeping the place open through the end of April, but I've heard rumor of a construction schedule over the summer that's going to shut it down earlier in May than otherwise. Checkout Mt. Hood Meadow
BTW, the comment about Cascade cement is true, but, God, it can be gorgeous in the springtime.
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Mt. Bachelor would be another great choice. Tons of snow this year, and often quite a bit less wet than the areas closer to the coast. Bend is also a fun place to hang out for a while if you've never been there. Keep us posted...
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