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?? for Beta Racer

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Hope you can help me with some info. i'm getting out of my new Volkel P40 Plats 'cause their too much like a race ski. Great on the groomers but not ideal off the beaten path. I tried the Atomic 9.22 sl (yellow) and really liked them. Buying a ski this late though can have it's draw backs. I'd like to know if next years (.22 sl will be any diff. The only thing I would add is maybe a low profile twin tip on the tail and maybe relieve a bit of the shape of the tail as well. If you can fill me in a bit that would be great. I've also heard that the 10EX is going to be softend up a bit. Any truth there? Thanks for the help. HT
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No changes other than graphics for the 2001/02 BetaRide 9.22.
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