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Need help with a trip to utah

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Hi all. My wonderful husband has suggested we celebrate our anniversary skiing in Utah. I have not been to Utah in 10 years. We will be there just 2 nights. Any lodging suggestions, places to ski, restaurants, would be really appreciated. I am sooo excited!
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stay in park city = 3 mtns. (canyons, pc, deer valley)
stay in lil' cttnwd = 2 (alta, snowbird)

if ya rent a vehicle, it's all open re: where ya wanna ski. if yer not, stay in park city, use the free shuttle.

restaurants all up and down main st., park ave., in park city. window-shop, check the menus. (i like a cajun place, name of which
escapes me.) TONS of eating choices, from burgers and fries (burgies, texas reds, eating establishment) on up. chimayos, zoom, lakota. lunch at deer valley if you ski. on and on. lodging slopeside or, if in park city, within a short walk or 5-minute shuttle ride.
you'll hear more, i'm sure.

deer valley gets a rep as all-eat, no good skiing; it ain't true. check empire canyon and the stuff skiers' left when you get off WASATCH EXPRESS lift.


P.S. for mostly romance, some skiing, consider sundance. (about a 4'-5' base, i think.) be hard to go wrong, though, sleeping, dining, skiing, lovin' in park city.

my .02<FONT size="1">

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www.skiutah.com www.visitsaltlake.com
the best experience any couple could ever have IMHO is the rustler lodge @ Alta.
trust me you wont stop smiling till august.

baile para nieve
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ti, called them quoted me $507.00 a night. Just not in our price range. Looked really nice though. any other thoughts?
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What is your price range and when are you going? go to http://www.Altaskiarea.com and check under lodging. A lot of these places are real nice and probably pretty romantic and being so close to the mountain and under the trees is real nice. Low season for alta begins April 1 for a lot of the locations.
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thanks dchan, trying to stay around 125-150.00 a night. Just going to miss low season arriving on march 30 departing on the first of April. Never been to Alta. would you recommend that VS park city?<FONT size="1">

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Ryan hit the bullseye with all the suggestions.
But if your nightly lodgeing budget is maxed out at $150.00 anight, you would be better off staying in SLC, and driving up ( quick 30 minute drive to Park City/Deer Valley/The Canyons.
But for eats, Park City is the place. Try Cafe Mariaposa in upper Deer Valley for a romantic dinner, or the Seafood Buffet at Snowpark Lodge.
The night life up in Alta is baiscally zero. Every one comes down into the valley, provided the road is open.
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try solitude
the inn is nice & mountain has something for everyone
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If I was celebrating an anniversary, alta's night life would be perfect ski tll 4 apres hot tub dine stare at the view.
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at 150/night I would be looking in sandy or SLC and driving in. TR is right, it opens up the possiblity of going to PC for evenings.
Alta is very romantic but it is a bit pricey. there is definatly a break being in a big group.. Good luck and have fun. Alta is a great place to ski at 35.00 day for lifts.
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I heard that if you have an American Express card there are some great deals, but you have to call Snowbird's 800 number to get them. You must charge the rooms and lift tickets on the American Express card in order to get the good rates.

Right next door to the 'Bird' is Alta as you well know.

Have fun, and if you go to Snowbird, let us know how it was.

Oh BTW Happy Anniversary and with that lots of Happy Skiing.<FONT size="1">

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Forget staying is SLC for romance. The skiing is much better in LCC than Park City.
The American Express is a great deal, but its for a minimum 3 night. The best deal at the Cliff is the Rocky Mountain employee deal, rooms are about $100.00 and 1/2 price lifts with any season pass. Pay the extra $10 per person and get the spa and pamper yourselves. Hot tubing on top of the Cliff during a snowstorm with my shredbetty gets me in the mood!
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thanks everyone. looked into the cliff but no rooms for that weekend. I did find a place, Carriage house in Park City for 125 and a studio at King Road on Park City for 145.00 would really like Alta though. May have to increase the budget, but hey its a special occasion!

I did look at Sundance but its 380.00 a night
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Kima, just got back from a 4 day in SLC. Stayed at the Marriot Residence Inn right at the mouth of the Canyons. Not romantic, but new, clean, in your price range, and close to the resorts. Good dining at Rivers right next door. 12 miles from Snowbird and Alta.
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Thanks Steve, just finalized our plans, probably while you were typing. Staying at
The Lodge at The Mountain Village, Park City, they were nice enough to give me the "value" rate 2 days early at 100.00 a night for hotel room, hope its nice.

Thanks to ALL who gave me suggestions. Trying to find a romantic resturant for the anniversary dinner. I cannot wait!<FONT size="1">

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If you,and your husband make it to Main St drop into Taminah Gallery, 608 Main St and say hello. By the way my Other name the name I use outside the cyber world is Doug.
Some great places to eat are 350 Main ,and one of the best deals in Park City is Alex's Bistro, it's located one door up from the Main St Post Office.Now if you want to really go up scale the best dinning in all the Rockie Mountains ski resorts( this according to zaggots) is Grappa, at the top of Main St.And remember you can take your own wine to any restaurant here they will charge a corking fee still it's cheaper then buying a bottle in the restaurant.They have an excellent selection of wine at the Prospector State liquor store.

The Best skier in the world is the One with the biggest smile. Utah49

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will do our best to stop in. will it be open after skiing?

Sounds like Grappa is the place. I love bringing your own wine in! Maybe we will dust off a bottle and bring it along. Thanks again.
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Ok I have dinner reservations, Grappas 3-31, plane tickets, lodging, now all I need are lift tickets. Would like to ski deer valley one day and Park City the other. Anyplace to buy discounted tickets?

Again THANKS for all the help.

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Wish i could help you with the discount lift tickets but i don't have any info on them as I have my season pass at Park City and my wife works at Deer Valley so I get to ski there 2 days a week for free.Now if you bring your own wine in from out of state you will need a Utah state sticker on the wine.I suggest buying a cheap bottle pulling the sticker off placing it on the good bottle you bring from home and taking it to grappa.Drink the less expensive wine in your room after skiing. There is always away to get around some of utah's wierder liquor laws.But you didn't hear any of this from me

The Best skier in the world is the One with the biggest smile. Utah49
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