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Cannon Tuesday 3/25!

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Planning on Cannon Mtn. NH with my son on Tuesday 3/25! It will be the 1st time I've gone there in about 25 years! Spring Skiing!

[ March 23, 2003, 07:11 AM: Message edited by: Tominator ]
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Say Tominator, please let us know what kind of shape the mountain is in. I went to Cannon for the first time ever this year, loved it, wound up returning twice... trying to justify one more day
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yes, a trip report please! would especially like to know how mittersill is holding up. i'm at burke on saturday and was debating a stay over at cannon for sunday if conditions are good (and there are actually some bumps on the mountain finally!).
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I was at Cannon on the 22nd (Saturday). It's holding up reasonably well, considering how warm it's been lately. Middle Hardscrabble and the Tramline are definitely closed. Middle-cannon bypass should be closed, but was open on Saturday; I imagine it's gone now. (There were stretches that were a ski width wide -- just go straight!). Avalanche, Rocket, Profile and Middle Cannon have semi-narrow patches, but all should be good for a while yet.

Some beautiful bumps are forming all over the place. The snow is pretty much mashed potatoes / mush, but it's pretty forgiving. Just make sure your skis are waxed!

Enjoy. I hope to get another day or two in there this season.
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OK – Trip Report; Cannon Mountain 3/25/03:

Another time-warp experience! I knew something was different when we ambled into the Peabody Base Lodge just before 10 AM, and there were already a number of people drinking beers at the makeshift bar.

It was great fun re-experiencing those old New England classics like Paulie’s Folly, Avalanche, Zoomer (all had good bumps) and Taft Slalom (‘Thin Cover’). And riding the Tramway again was quite quaint!

As far as conditions were concerned, it was about 50 degrees at the base, 40 at the summit, and the wind (as usual) was blowing like crazy. The snow was sort of ‘Spring Crud’ and there were a lot of bare sections. I’d say they have about 2 more weeks before they wind up the season. If you want to go, do it soon! Don’t know about Mittersill – I think they’re not reopening it until next year(?) Anyway, conditions were better near the top.

All in all, though, a nice way to celebrate what would have been my Dad’s 80th birthday! Oh, and my son got to see, “The Old Man of the Mountain,” for the first time and was - somewhat surprisingly - duly impressed!
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Tominator- sounds like we have another Cannon Mountain convert. It is a great place if you don't need any kind of modern ammenities.

As for Mittersill... The official word is that it is "never open and never closed". It's part of the Franconia Notch State Park, so they can't stop you from going over.
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thanks for posting the reports. i'll be at cannon this weekend sometime for one final (7th) romp there this season.

in regards to mittersill, the plans seem to get delayed every year, so i doubt we'll see the expansion fully into effect for at least another two years. rumor has it they want to renovate the current mountain more before expanding north. definitely not expanding next year for sure though.

in any case, mittersill is always open if you're willing to hike the short distance up the saddle between cannon and mount jackson. and assume the out of bounds risk. at first i was all for the expansion, but now i believe it will be a sad day when the trails at mittersill are added to the official trail count.

i'm hoping to get a recent first hand report before i go this weekend, as i don't want to be halfway down barron's run and need to take my skis off and hike down cause there's no snow!
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