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Best Runs in North America

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Here is your chance to vote for the runs you think are the best in North America. These were nominated in the thread 'Best Runs in North America' in the resorts section.
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Send this to Mountain High; I think they'll be quite pleased. Robin has no idea what he left behind. (Or, maybe he does.)
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Well, I'm not going to vote because I've only been to whistler and copper mountain. 7th heaven sure lives up to its name though [img]tongue.gif[/img]

Also, how did blackcomb glacier make it into the intermediate cruiser category? Doesn't a cruiser have to be groomed? It had 2 feet of crud on it when I was there.

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Little short in the steep quotient. Two feet of powder when i was on it.

anyway, yeah, not much of a cruiser. just that sweet little drop then a cat track (okay, scenic points) that lasts about a day-and-a-half.

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Havn't skied many of these places, so I may have skewed your poll. But I voted anyway! Hey, I'm American, thats what I am supposed to do!

Most of the extreme stuff that I am familiar with is named locally, and only know by name by the locals. Never on trail maps, just there, hidden in the woods. Just because its steep, or has a cliff, doesn't necessary make it extreme.

Nice poll though. I enjoyed it.
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I've got to say that even though I haven't skied any of the other beginner runs, Inspiration at Bear absolutely rules!! I spent 2 years of weekends teaching on that hill, and I've rarely seen a better beginner hill. Here's what makes it the best:

- It's got it's own slow beginner chair
- there's not a lot of high speed thru traffic, yet it's not so isolated that the beginners feel shunted off in their own world.
- It starts off REALLY gentle and then gets a little bit steeper at the end
- It's nice and wide with a good fall line (no side hills pushing the beginners into a ditch)
- No flat spots where they have to pole
- There's a great (it has to be on my top 10 list of green runs that I enjoy) run off a high speed quad (Sunnyside) to move up to once they've progressed

and finally ....

- It's always sunny

edit - I went back and finished the poll, but I've got to wonder if you've ever skiied Mtn High (or were those entries jokes?). Mtn High East is really not a good beginning cruise, definitely more of an intermediate. Also, Mtn High West is ummmmm extreme, only if you have green hair, more attitude than skills, are under the age of 18, and snowboard. I'm going to assume you're kidding there, since the rest of the entries seemed to make sense

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The nominees were from the thread on 'Best Runs in North America'. I just collected the data and presented it. There were a few that were not just where they should be, but they were presented as they were submitted. .. I did change a couple that seemed to be in the wrong category, and I did add a couple that I thought should be included but had not been mentioned. It seems interesting at this point just how members here view skiing in North America. I hope everyone here is getting as much out of it as I am.

Thanks for participating!!! [img]smile.gif[/img]
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I can't vote.

There's only one run on that whole list that I know anything about but the poll won't let me vote in just that one category. It wants to force me to place votes for runs I've never seen, some I've never even heard of, let alone skied.

Can't even VIEW the poll.
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No respect for te Northeast. I really think this poll should be done regionally. How many eastern skiiers could have skied all of those mountains, never mind the trails? Its difficult to compare east with west.
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It has nothing to do with "respect" for the North East, its simply an absolute pole. If the same type of pole was for "Best Runs in the World" there would likely be no "respect" for North America by and large.

Large scale comparisons are simply being factually realistic when they favor the mountains which are bigger and get more snow.

If folks want to see their regions highlighted, and not compared with a much bigger pool - they should create similar polls like: Best Runs in New England, Best Runs on the West Coast, Best Runs in the Rocky Mountains . . . and such.

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Large scale comparisons are simply being factually realistic when they favor the mountains which are bigger and get more snow.

If folks want to see their regions highlighted, and not compared with a much bigger pool - they should create similar polls like: Best Runs in New England, Best Runs on the West Coast, Best Runs in the Rocky Mountains . . . and such.[/QB]
Boy you sound obnoxious and arrogant! Did you read that before you posted? I thought the Northeast was part of North America. My bad Mr. Guru!!!
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Calm down, Capboy.

Personally, I found absolutely nothing obnoxious or arrogant in what Todd said (and I've never even met the guy). I'm at a total loss to understand exactly what bothered you about what he said.

OTOH, I thought you showed a serious lack of understanding of people's perceptions of you in that you made such a comment effectively moments after you walked into a room, met a new group of people & joined a conversation (ie, with 6 posts to your name). Would you have done that in person?

Tom / PM

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Actually that was posted from the perspective of having worked on the hill professionally in both New England and the Rockies, full time . . . and lived and ski raced in Europe for years as well. Certainly I think that in any truly factual and objective measure -- anybody who has experienced all the options will find Europe wins most of those catagories, Western North America will generally fall behind (with British Columbia beating the U.S.), and the Eastern United States then falling behind that.

These are judgements based purely on vertical, gradient, crowds and snow quality . . . not "arrogance". In fact, I live out east and work on a New England Mountain now. So your anger may be a bit misplaced.

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My apologies to all who feel that this poll discriminates in one way or another. I do take the blame for not including a 'not applicable' option on each of the questions for those who are trying to honestly answer the poll questions. This is my first attempt at a poll and I am on a steep learning curve.

I do think the poll has provided some real information to work with though. ... I intend to put more emphasis on trying to get out and see what all of the ones that are getting significant response are like. Like most things; this isn't a perfect method, but there is useful information for those who want to look for it.

Thanks to all those who participated!!! [img]smile.gif[/img]
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My curiousity overwhelms me...

What is the ultimate purpose/goal of this poll?
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Just canvasing the group to see what ski enthusiasts thought might be the best runs on the continent. Most of the impressions I have come from reading ski oriented magazines, and I wanted to see if informed skiers agreed with the so-called 'experts' in the ski mags. .... Looks as though there is a considerable difference of opinion between magazine writers and skiers. -- I guess it has to be that way(after all they are trying to sell their services).

There were no other hidden motives, but I have found this interesting enough that I might try something like it again sometime. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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PM -Good Point. There certainly may have been some preamble to the topic/poll that I may have missed.

Todd - I was not angry. Its just that you make your opinion out to be fact.

I got some e-mail saying you sent a private message, but that thing didn't work for me. If you would like to send it direct, e-mail me
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IMHO, the headwall at tuckermans!
thats my story and i'm sticking to it!
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Within my super limited experience, I'll have to say "Le Framboise" at Mount Gabriel in Quebec. Its a 1.1 km long green that does a half circle from the top of the chairlift to the bottom of the chairlift, around the 650 ft. mountain. Its wide, very well lit at night, there are always jumps or moguls set up along either side, and you can pick up a lot of speed doing wide turns. The lodge is set up about halfway down. There are 2 quad chairlifts serving that area of the hill so there is rarely a big line-up at the bottom either.
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Absolutely - how much people love certain areas is opinion. Generally this opinion is of course slanted in favor of the region they live in, unless of course they have the opportunity to travel a lot every winter around the world, and get a more objective and wider ranging experience upon which to base their opinions.

Things however like gradient, snowfall averages, vertical, crowd density and such however - are of course not opinion. They are fact.

Let me point out again, I now live and work full time on a mountain out east.

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I don't get out west much, but I won't necessarily say that the east is better.

Two of my favorite trails are Devil's Fiddle at Killington, and Upper Giant Killer at Pico. Snow quality is indeed a problem on these trails. I don't think I hit either of those trails last year. But when they have the right cover, I think they meet all of the other criteria you outline.

As a prior poster said, the headwall at Tucks - How frequently can it be skiied? There aren't even lifts!

But I still think they are all great trails, some of the best, for those who CAN ski them.

If consistent snow quality is a factor, then you definitely have to EXCLUDE MRG from every category. But that is a shame, because I think MRG has some of the best skiing I have ever done, east or west.

The only example that I think the east should be excluded from is the Pow runs. I didn't get ONE DARN POW DAY LAST YEAR!

And you don't need to keep pointing out your credentials to me. There is only one that matters: You like to clamp on those two boards to the bottom of your feet and you are battling you depression right now that results from your ski withdrawl.



PS - What mountain iss it that you are at now?

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As a prior poster said, the headwall at Tucks - How frequently can it be skiied? There aren't even lifts!
Absolutely, but we we are doing comparisons - of course there are much steeper, longer, cliff & rock lined and even more inaccessible backcountry runs (without a ski patrol anywhere nearby unlike Tucks) elsewhere in the U.S. and world.

And you don't need to keep pointing out your credentials to me.
Thank you, but pointing out that I live and work out east now was intended as a way of trying to show I don't have a geographic or "my backyard" bias against the east. It was not motived by some sort of ego indulgence (in fact, frankly such an admission has quite the opposite ego outcome for me!).

Our bikering being motivated mostly our ski withdrawel? Yep, I agree.

But for me also because I really miss Europe and the West. However if I want to stay married, I need to stay East right now. So this issue is actually a really raw nerve with me, which is certainly not your fault! I attack the issue, not the personalitys. As,anybody who is a passionate skier is alright with me no matter where they do it!
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Fun discussion.

A couple of suggestions:

Beginner: Deer Run at Fernie. Only drawback is the crappy triple chair you ride to get to it.

Intermediate cruiser: I would give the nod to Rosa at entry level Blue, it's long and uncrowded, with great scenery.

Powder....anything at Whitewater.

Advanced or Extreme...Cambodia at Red Mtn. Also Lone Pine at Mt Norquay.

Just my 2 cents worth...

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I enjoyed a run @ Fernie last year with SCSA till we got run off because of AV danger. About a 10 foot drop-in and had to time your turns so you didn't get knocked over from the run-off of the last turn. SCSA what was that run called?
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You all are ranking runs by factual features (like vertical and snow), but one of the things I look for in a good run is the view. With this in mind, I would put Western American resorts right up there with European resorts. I'd rather look at snow-filled trees than blank white ground anytime...
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The other thing is that not all of us can afford to ski multiple areas of the country. I ski every year, but I don't have the cash to fly, so I only go to Colorado. Even it is fifteen hours away by car. (Goes with living in the midwest - oh well.) Anyway, I don't think I should vote because I don't have enough varied experience to provide worthwhile input. A poll by region would be nice.

If anyone cares, here are some of my Colorado favorites:

- Roundabout at Copper (good for beginners)
- Schoolmarm at Keystone (long and scenic)
- Cinch at Beaver Creek (long and scenic)
- Game Creek at Vail (scariest green I know)
- Centennial at Breckenridge (long and steep)
- Andy's Encore at Copper (long and steep)
- Simba at Vail (long and varied)
- Edelweiss/Bluebell at Winter Park (long and scenic)
- Pioneer Express at Winter Park (deserted)
- Looking Glass at Copper (scenic)

Can you tell I'm still working on the blacks? [img]smile.gif[/img]

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It looks like you need to ski in tahoe a whole lot more!!!!!What about gun barrel for a mogul run? I would agree with alta skier when talking about extreme, expert runs. There are no trail maps or names where the locals ski. Have you ever heard of the cirque? I didn't think so. Next time your in tahoe, give me an email, and i'll take you on the "locals only tour". Ohh, and make sure u are wearing your depends, you might get soiled! :
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