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Sunday River

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Hi all... I'm going to be in Sunday River with a group the last week of Feb. I would love any suggestions on restaurants (on and off the mountain), entertainment, etc... We will only be able to go from the mtn. to Bethel and back as we won't have wheels. Thanx.......... [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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[quote]Originally posted by EasternSkiBum:
[QB]Hi all... I'm going to be in Sunday River

Sorry I can't add any information -- just wanted to second your request. My family is going to Sunday River during the 2nd week in March. Never been before and we're interested in family/kids' activities if anyone has some insights.
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for entertainment, well, there's not much. As for places to eat, matterhorn (the ski bar) has 5 dollar mini pizzas on tuesdays that taste great, plus the waitresses are really nice (tip them well, they're my friends). Liams has good food open late, everything from burgers to subs to full on steak dinners. The brewpub also has some dynamite food, and isn't exorbitant with their pricing. Try to catch the odd concert if you can, just watch out for tango mary's on whitecap, most of the bands they've had are absolutely horrible. Best bet is to try to hook up with some people who work at sunday river and party with them. Oh, and if you did anything through group sales, be nice to em too, my friend works for them.
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I would also like to add "The Sudbury Inn" for high-end dining that won't break the bank. You won't even need to get dressed up (come on, it's a ski town!).

I drive up to Sunday River every weekend and would also agree with Glint that "Liams" and "The Sunday River Brew Pub" are good for food. (The brew pub has an awesome porter called "Black Bear")

I have to agree, if you are looking for night-life, you won't find much at Sunday River. Killington, VT is the place for night life.
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Thanks for the replys.... I'm looking forward to the skiing next week. BTW.. I like the people at the River better than the K.
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