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Courtmayeur Christmas week?

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We are group of East coast intermediate skiers and nonskiers planning to spend Christmass week skiing and dining in Europe.
Tour operator offered Courtmayeur. Some web sites mention that it could be too crowdy there and trails are short.
Can somebody experienced compare Courtamayeur to East coast mountains or Meribel ( the only European experience we have)?
Any alternative suggestions for our criteria:
1. Christmas week
2. Intermediate skiers and some nonskiers
3. Gourmet food is desirable
Thank in advance,
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One of the biggest drawbacks of going over christmas is the crowds. (and mainly families)
While many European nations take a week of school as a "White Week", normally the first or second week of February, for others, such as UK or Ireland, they don't take that holiday, so for families, they either have to go at Christmas or at Easter.
Courmayeur is a good resort, but will be busy.

I'll see if I can dig up some info for you tomorrow.

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Hi Interm, WTFH is right Xmas week is always busy in Europe. Cormayer is a good choice for a mixed group but the resort is a little inconvenient. There is no direct access to the skiing from the town, you have a take a gondola (tram) from the town to the start point from the gondola station. Its not too bad as you can hire storage facilities at the gondola station, in fact most skiers leave their boots at the top station as well. So you cant ski back to the town and the gondola can be a fair walk from your accomodation.
However Courmayer is a very old town and it has a good snow record, its on the Italian side of Mont Blanc but the skiing is not nearly as challenging as Chamonix. In a week you'll get to know if very well, there are other good resorts in the Aosta valley which are worth visiting, La Thuile, Pila etc and the area is very scenic. You'll certainly eat well and at a lower cost than France.
It doesn't really compare to Meribel, although its bigger than most Eastern ski resorts. One thing is certain you'll have a good time at Xmas wherever you go but Courmayer is better later in the year when the Vallee Blanche opens, the access is easier from the Italian side.
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Cormayeur is a great area of the world. As Dultimo said, it's an old town -- plenty of Charm, all the rooves use flat rocks as roofing. It's also got plenty for non-skiers who want to see what Europe's alpine towns are really like. Nei, Cormayeur has great terrain, especially up onto the Mt Blanc massive, and you can't guess what time of year the weather will be correct in any of Europe. If Christmas is your only option, then I think Courmayeur will be as good a choice as any. I put a single word to everyplace i've been and "romantic" probably best descibes Cormayeur.
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