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Sunday River...power failure!

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I couldn't possibly have been more ready to ski today. Having just purchased new skis and boots in the last few months, I was pumped to try out the new gear. Today was going to be my first day on the slopes this season.

I drove up from Boston last night, and went over to Sunday River first thing this morning. I had JUST put everything on, and was about to get in the lift line....when the resort's power went out. A tree had just fallen on the main power line, cutting off power everywhere. All of the lifts immediately stopped working. We were told (at about 10:30) that they expected to have everything back up & running by noon...maybe.

I gave up & headed home. But now I have to know...did anyone else stay & wait? When did the power go back on?

And does this sort of thing happen often?

(no, the people already on the lifts were not stranded for hours when the power went out. Backup diesel engines were used to get everyone off safely)
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About 2 years ago {I think] people DID get stranded on the lifts for a few hours!
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I got down to the River @~1:20....everything was on by then,
except for the ticket_transaction app. with whatever system SR
uses......went in to change as there were hords of people in
front of me wanting refunds...etc. By the time I came back they
were gone...got a 1/2_day...and skarved down American XPress
and did the beginner trail which actually had 75% snow on it
....at least I got in a lot of up_and_downs with no line @So.Ridge. Good for getting one's feet on the hill (my 2nd day)
but nothin' else......*better than the Loaf (Sat) but you really
didn't miss much....
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You should have gone to Killington...I was there on Saturday and the conditions were great for early season. Something like 40 trails (works out to about 10 different ways down) and many lifts running. The lines weren't bad and the snow was really good if you stayed away from the middle of the trails where the snowboarders slip and slide the snow away. There were many runs with nice soft bumps from the fresh snow and even a few places where the snow was mostly untouched. After a day of early season skiing I only had one small burr on my skis (easily removed with my diamond stone) so the snow cover must have been pretty good.
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