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President's Day Weekend (oh no!) in Vermont

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It's kinda early for this question, but I've got nothing to do, so I'm dreaming up my ski season. I'm a flatlander looking for some info on skiing Vermont on the dreaded President's Day Weekend.

To preface, I can't use my season pass at sunday river or the place I stay that weekend, and I want to go somewhere else. Somewhere else being Vermont.

I was thinking of staying in Waterbury and skiing Stowe, MRG, and Sugarbush, and possibly Smuggs, Jay, or Burke. I have both friday and monday off, so I figured I'd hit Stowe on the Friday, since it would probably be the busiest over the weekend.

First off, would it even be worth doing this trip, or should I make some non-skiing plans? Second, if so, when and where should I go? Also, any place in particular I should stay? It doesn't have to be Waterbury, that just seemed like a relatively central location.

Thanks in advance
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Two words: Eastern Townships.
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Three words, Non skiing plans.
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Friday should be pretty quiet anywhere as it is the day before the holiday weekend. For the big weekend, Burke is my recommendation as Burke at it's most crowded is never too crazy. Stay in St. Jay area.
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The best skiing on President's Day weekend is the part of Vermont called Quebec. Any area north of Killington isn't too bad, Burke and Jay are good choices, but for the Eastern Townships this is a regular weekend. Most of the Eastern Township ski areas are only 30-45 minutes north of Jay, but the experience is very unique stay at an auberge, ski cheap and eat well.
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>>> Eastern Townships. <<<

Can you be a bit more descriptive?
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burke and maybe magic or jay for quality skiing without the crowds. everywhere else in VT will be bombed with crowds to the point of being rather ugly.
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Old Hippy here is an exapnsion on the Eastern Townships.

The Eastern Townships are the part of Quebec just North of Vermont and have the tail end of the Appalachian mountain chain before the plains of the the St Lawrence valley. The townships were settled by loyalists who left the colonies after the revolutionary war so many of the towns have english names like Sutton and Hatfield.

The eastern Townships get lots of snow there are four ski areas of which three are good sized. There is a lot of glades skiing called sous-bois which tend to be a little more open than glades to the south. This region is dominated by lakes and mountains and is a playground for Montreal.

The skiing is different, the rates are cheaper and the food fantastic. Stay in an auberge and you will have a unique ski weekend.
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