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Hi, We all know that boots "pack out" and should be fairly tight when new. With todays technolgy, why can't they make boots "pre packed out", or am I just being silly. :
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Isn't nice though that they pack out to the shape of your foot. I suspect their would be a lot more work for bootfitters if the liner didn't pack out at all. You'd be paying them for the adjustments. But that was the concept behind foamed and silicone liners - they would form to your foot and then not change much.
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Snowonder is right on. Everyone's foot is different. There are many boot venders out there. Before the plastic boot, however, there were about 385 boot makers! You could find a leather boot that fit you without too much pain involved. Nowadays each boot vendor has their own idea of basic foot shape. Then they rely on the liner to make up the difference. If you have a wide foot and are into S&M get a Lange which has a narrow shell. These are good for narrow to avg feet. I hear this may change next year in the Lange. Getting a boot to fit is a tough row to hoe.
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