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Quebec City Trip

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Friend of mine is running this trip and is short 10 bodies. I want to make it an x-mus present for my BF, but if it gets cancelled I'm stuck shopping! Anybody interested? I've never been sking there myself, but I've heard the carnival is a blast, and the hotel itself is top shelf! Just for fun I plugged in these same dates, and for us to go on our own, for just the hotel would cost $1200.

Ramapo Mountain Ski Club presents trip to-- Quebec City Winter Carnival – 2003 Thursday, January 30th - Monday, February 3rd Is a major annual event, which is held in Quebec City for the last 48 years. This is a 17-day extravaganza that begins at the end of January and runs into February. It’s filled with fun and activities for the whole family. This carnival is enjoyed by millions of people from all over the world, who come to see the sights and take part in the events. The carnival has been recognized as the largest winter carnival in North America, and the third largest carnival in the world! Le plus grand carnaval d’hiver au monde! The biggest winter carnival in the world!

Trip consists of: · First Class motorcoach transportation departing Mahwah, NJ · Baggage Services *All Canadian Taxes and Gratuities * Ski 93 Trips Tour Escort · Wine & Cheese Welcome Reception · 4 nights Lodging at world famous 5 star Le Chateau Frontenac · 3 Full American Breakfast buffets at Chateau · 1 Complimentary Dinner Buffet at L’Astral Restaurant · Full Usage of Health Spa Facilities, indoor pool and hot tubs $419 – Quad * $439 – Triple- * $499 – Double Occupancy ADD: $55 for Lift Tickets at Mont Sainte Anne & LeMassif Call Beth @ 973-962-6613 or e mail ramapotreasurer@hotmail.com. Deposit check for $100 due by October 31st.
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I would love to go, but please notice that the date of the Quebec trip coincides with another important "ski club" meeting:


I've been to the Carnaval several times, and it's incredible. You'll get a first-hand view of how far behind the USA is in staging large celebrations. About the only thing better may be the Quebec City Summer Carnaval.

Skiing at Mont Sainte-Anne and Le Massif should be great (I've mountain biked, but not skied, both hills). The view from the top of Le Massif -- looking out over the St. Lawrence River filled with huge ships and ice floes -- ranks up there with Heavenly as one of the best money shots in all of skiing.

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Well, if it flies, at least I'll have SOMETHING to console me while you guys are all off in Utah having fun!

Of course my plans will be IF she meets her number, IF my ex will take my son for the week-end, IF my mom will babysit one day for us, IF, IF, IF.... sigh.....

Wish it would just hurry up and snow already! [img]smile.gif[/img]
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I'd like to know more. What's the travel time from Mahwah. The idea is you'd drive up Thursday, ski Friday, Saturday and Sunday, Monday and drive back Monday PM. How would it work?
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You know, that really is a great deal -- transportation + several meals + Le Chateau Frontenac: the most famous/recognizable hotel in Eastern Canada.
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Well, I'm not running the trip, just a wanna be participant trying to drum up more bodies for Beth. Her phone # and e mail are in the original post.

From what she's telling me, we'd leave Thursday morning at 7 am, and arrive 8 or 9 hours later at the hotel.

That leaves Thursday night to settle in and explore, and Friday, Saturday & Sunday to play.

Arrival time back in Mahwah is approx. 4 pm on Monday, so that is basically a shot travel day.

I was hesitant to use 3 vacation days myself for what is actually 3 play days and two travel days, until I checked the website for the hotel out and heard everyone else's rave reviews

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