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Weekend Skiing . . .

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I would like to get out this weekend and do some skiing in the Pennsylvania area. Does anyone have any suggestions as to some great skiing areas.

I have been to Blue Mountain and Camel Back, but beyond that I have never been to any other places in PA (or any other place in the US).

Are there any suggestions?

Best regards.
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Elk Mountain, north of Scranton on I-81, but I have no idea what their conditions are like right now.
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MarylandBimmr, According to your profile, you claim Ski Liberty and Whitetail as your home mountains. They are the closest to you in Maryland and if you have never been there they would be a good start. However, since they are close to MD, VA, and DC they get the most crowds on the weekend. Whitetail is bigger at 900 vert but since it faces South, they get the worst conditions when it gets warm. Liberty at 600 vert is allright but both mountains lack in difficult terrain. Again, according to your profile, you have skied alot and have top of the line equipment so you probably like tougher terrain. Another option would be to head towards Harrisburg and go to Ski Roundtop. It is run, very well, by the same folks as Liberty and Whitetail. You will find that the East side of the Mountain has the best terrain and you won't stand in lift lines like those on the begginer slopes on the West side. Ramrod is a very good black diamond top to bottom and is steeper than anything at the other two. The last time I checked, Gunbarrel was open but only the lower section. That's ashame because the top is one of the steepest slopes you can ski on the East Coast. The other blacks are fairly tame except Upper Lafeyyete which is usually bumped up and iced over. Barret's Trail is narrow and has the best snow on the mountain. The blues are nice wide open cruisers if you can avoid the masses. Give it a shot it's not bad for a little 600 foot vert mountain. I learned to ski there as a kid and I have taken it all over the world since leaving PA.
If you want really good expert terrain in Pennsylvania go to Blue Knob but only if the weather is good and they have had plenty of natural snow to open everything up. Otherwise, go elsewhere.
By the way, if you feel like making the drive, Elk Mountain is another good choice and should have good coverage up in the Poconos. Look into Montage which is near Scranton as well.
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I remember taking a few trips from the D.C. area to Liberty, Roundtop, Canaan Valley, Blue Knob, and Wisp. I have also been to Elk Mt. Out of all the areas, I thought that Canaan Valley seemed to have the best terrain and a little more vertical than the PA mountains. I do agree that Roundtop was the best hill for diversity of terrain with limited vertical in SE PA.

Don't forget to consider Seven Springs, PA also. Party atmosphere, broad ridge, good night skiing.

The fun of those small ski hills is spending a lot of time socializing on the chairlifts. After the 2-3 minute ski down, it was time to meet more people on the lift. Without being able to get to those small ski areas, I might have gone crazy waiting for the long trips out West or to New England.

Hope this helps.
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by MarylandBimmr:
I would like to get out this weekend and do some skiing in the Pennsylvania area. Does anyone have any suggestions as to some great skiing areas...<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Review the archives and/or ask the same question on www.dcski.com, start with http://www.dcski.com/ubb/Forum1/HTML/000149.html

Tom / PM

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I second RidgeHiker's idea.

If that's really not an option, then I suggest you forget PA and head to Snowshoe, WV. It's about 4 to 5 hours from the D.C. area.
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catch the red eye to SLC on fri night, sat and sun at Alta, fly home late sunday
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Well, I got out to Whitetail on Monday, and it stunk. I was very disappointed. I have been there before, but there were only three or four major runs open.

I think that I might try Snowshoe Mountain in West Virginia this weekend. I typically ski at Liberty during the week. The real problem that I have been facing is that it has been so warm, thus no snow.

I have been seriously thinking about taking some time off of work, and heading out to Utah, or Colorado. Any thoughts?

Best regards.
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When you ask the Utah or Colorado question, many Barking Bears will have an opinion. Before it starts... What kind of skiing do want to do, type of resort, month of trip...etc.?

BTW, is Whitetail a new name for an older ski area and where is it?
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Whitetail opened roughly 10 years ago, and as far as I can remember, it has always used the same name. Its around 10 or 15 miles NW of Hagerstown, MD, just north of the MD-PA line:

Perhaps you were thinking of Charnita which eventually became "Ski Liberty", with maybe a season or so as something else ("Ski America"????) along the way.

Tom / PM
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Just how did you make out?

With hindsight, Round Top had packed powder pretty much all day Saturday .... March 2'nd. Sunday was slush after the rain.

The current Pocono report for today, March 9, was granular with some narrow tracks and bare spots. Tonights rain may put an end to Pocono skiing for the season.
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> Tonights rain may put an end to Pocono skiing for the season

FYI, a couple of hours ago, Whitetail pulled the plug and closed for the season.

Tom / PM
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Wintergreen is the only resort in Virginia Open
I would suggest Canaan Valley/Timberline in West Virginia, Snowshoe, Wisp in Maryland maybe an option, 600 ft verticle but very scenic and higher elevation than Liberty, Whitetail or Roundtop, which Roundtop is the only one of the three still open
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