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Banff Area -- Feb 11th - 16th

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I'm considering going to Banff in February. How is the crowd
around President's Day? I've heard that it can get pretty crowded at Sunshine.
Thanks in advance!
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I'm more concerned with how cold it can get during that first part of February. I like cold skiing, but late December, January, and early February can present some truly challennging conditions up there. It is all a roll of the dice, but a hard 'deep freeze' could really put a damper on holiday plans during that period.
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Don't think President's Day should be any issue. Really don't get that many Americans as a % to make that much of a difference. I'd say get at least as many Brits as Americans. AS far as cold goes I think your pretty safe that time of year. To me a bit cold means probably clear and sunny and fewer people.

Crowds, before they replaced the gondola with a high speed 8 there was a long wait to get to the base. Now its 5 minutes tops with most of the time walk on with lots of room. Lines at the lifts are only a problem when visiblity is poor making the divide area difficult to ski ( big open snow field). So everybody heads for runs with trees.

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