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Killington Lift Tickets

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I'm going to be at Killington for a 5 day clinic. I'll be up there a day before (Sun.), and thought it would be nice to warm up. Found out that Killington only offers discounts to full timers from other mountains, and $60 for one day... OUCH!!!!! Anybody know where to find a discount of any kind?? Any suggestions?? :
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Sunday, 1-Dec? I have $25 coupons from last season, bummer they exclude 28-Nov through 1-Dec. Or is it the weekend, after? I can send you the coupons, if you like.
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Thanks jp... I'll be there Dec. 8. Check your pm....
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don't forget the meticket. www.meticket.com
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Thanks Cap... but I only need one day. I think the minimum Eticket is 2.
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