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Alta/Snowbird Day Pass

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Alta/Snowbird Day Pass: $68
or Alta Day Pass for $38.
Whats the deal here? Is Alta too small to satisfy? Is the layout of lifts/runs such that it's only practical to get a 'both' pass?
Who has been there and done that.
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Maybe I can help you out here. I have the Alta/Snowbird season pass for the season that is just ending.

The lifts are set up so that you must drop into Mineral Basin on the back side of Snowbird's terrain to access either mountain by skis. Sometimes that lift is closed. Alta is 2200 acres and Snowbird is 2500 (or somewhat near that), 4700 total, or just under 7.5 square miles of skiing. That is a lot of terrain, to much to ski in one day.

Even though I have a full access pass to both, I've skied both places in one day only twice. Those were both on crud days and I was looking to get some pow, no luck. If 2200 or 2500 acres cannot satisfy a person in one day and the other resort the next, I would be suprised.

If you have never been here, keep in mind that Alta is kind of a old ski mountain deep in tradition, for skiers only. Snowbird is more of a resort euro feel. Both are unique in their own ways, and run indepently. They are not the same resort, not the Altabird, but Alta and Snowbird. When you cross the boundary into one from the other, you will notice a difference.

If I were traveling to Little Cottonwood Canyon, I would stick to one resort per day, and save a little money.

Good luck!

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