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San Juans, good photo spots?

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I'm taking a week off next week. I'm just going to get into the car and see where I end up. However, I'm thinking about heading down to Ouray, Colorado. Can anybody reccomend some good spots for photographing Aspens in the area? What about Fruita/Utah area, or others?
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There's a trail that heads out of Ouray and goes up to Engineer's Pass. I seem to recall a few aspen groves further up, before tree line. It was 6 years ago and getting dark, however. There's also a trail that follows the river out of town; plenty of trees there. Post some pics when you get back and have a grest time, eh?
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Red Mountain Pass between Silverton and Ouray. It's nickname is little Switzerland. Lots of red soil, massive, jutting spires and yellow foliage will make for some really good photography. I think that scenic stretch of highway is my favorite.

Lots of neat hot springs to visit too. Orvis in Ridgeway is fun if you're not shy (neked people.) For the clothed bather scene, check out the springs in Ouray.
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Not sure if you'll be near Paonia, but Kebler Pass is another great place to go.

I was in the area last weekend and the Aspen's were just starting to turn gold.
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