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Yo, Montana and Jackson types

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You folks get any snow in the last day or two? AC's weather maps are looking pretty good for you for Fiday and Saturday. Perhaps the jet stream has snapped back to its more typical position?
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Jackson is reporting 9 of new over night.
2-1-2001. The ski report is also predicting more snow by the weekend.
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should make a lot of folks happy
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Bridger Bowl got 7 inches yesterday and 4 more last night. It was a blast this morning.

Big Sky got 5 inches yesterday and 7 more last night. A couple people (who are expert skiers) I work with went there last weekend and had a blast. They didn't encounter any of the icy conditions Jackson has been reporting. With the extra snow it should be even better. Hopefully BSR can give us a better update on conditions.

The clouds haven't left the area so hopefully we'll get some more in the next few days.<FONT size="1">

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We reported about 12 inches last week, but the upper mountain has picked up 2-4' of new due to wind distribution. It looks like it could snow here off and all on week. We are still below normal, but we ain't hurtin.
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sounds great BSR
still trying to figure out how to work in a long weekend at BSMR once more this season. I'll think of something!
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Just when I thought that last thurs. was the best day of the season, along comes yesterday. 10" at mid mountain, broken skies and less people. Supposed to snow more today and tonite. Things are improving.... Bartender, another round of faceshots for me and the group!
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yesterday was fabulous at bridger.

today was so-so at MSU.

looks like we might see some more tonight.

Free your heels, poke your eyes out!
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tough to read 'best day of the season' posts from an office in Philly, BSR. Cruel and unusual!
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How far is Big Sky from Jackson (driving time)? And, is there a bus (or would I have to rent a car).

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took me three hours(by car)--definitely worth it. Big Sky is an absolutely awesome mountain. Not sure about bus service, but if it exists I would bet it will be quite a bit longer trip; b/c you might have to "hub" through Idaho Falls.<FONT size="1">

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Are you a local at Big Sky? Or do you live in Bozeman, the Canyon?
Has the tram been running much at B.S. this year?
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