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Tahoe early season

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I may be taking a week before Christmas ski trip to the Tahoe region and was wondering if there was a big difference in the early season conditions among the resorts in the region. Any help would be appreciated.

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for natural snow, Sugar bowl historicly has the best snow. they get the biggest dumps.
of course it mainly depends on the weather.
Kirkwood is up high and farther south so if the get good snow early it holds up better (Higher alt) All the big resorts have some snowmaking ability but since usually avoid the larger resorts someone else will have to report on them.
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What Dchan said.

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On the other end of the scale, stay away from Northstar as it gets some of the worst snow in the area. If you're looking for good snowmaking, Heavenly boasts the most but the trade-off there is that you have to ski Heavenly (yuck!)
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