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that is all.
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It's raining in Baltimore

But yo don't see me making a whole song and dance about it. I'm just sitting here counting crows.


[ October 30, 2003, 08:37 AM: Message edited by: Wear the fox hat ]
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FLAWED !!! No it's not, its sunny. However, there are agitated crows fleeing that general direction. Fox must be doing more than just counting them, but how he does what he does *remotely* to them is beyond my comprehension.

Tom / PM
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Nice work Fox.

Of course we can only hope it starts snowing in omaha before Anna Begins to get grumpy about the lack of snow and commits a murder of one.

Which would be bad. For Anna and Mr Anderson.

You with me Fox?
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Let's get this right... It's sunny and near 70 deg. today in Baltimore. It's supposed to get up in the 70's this weekend, not cooling down till middle of next week. :
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It was snowing in Denver this morning when I went to work, but it just looks like mist when I last looked out a window. Kind of a Seattle day. The webcam from Loveland, unforthunately, shows clear skies
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Location: Somewhere in the northern reaches of Utah.

Four inches of wet snow on the ground outside my classroom window.

Still snowing.

Sweet. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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