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Ski Utah for $20.02 question...

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For those of you in the area, in the hotel biz, or just plain know....

I know the basics, 3 day min stay gets you a voucher for a $20.02 ticket per day, now what if you have multiple people staying in the same unit? Everything I read says "guests" but is that a limit of 1 ticket per unit or for each paying guest in the unit? Anyone know this or ideas on how I can find out. Looks like my group is growing for my march trip, so need to look around and that would be a sweeet deal if it's each person. Thanks as always.
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I asked the very same question when I reserved my room at the SLC Marriott two months ago. They said that since I booked a room for two people (and thus paid a slightly higher rate), we would both get the vouchers. It's probably a good idea to call the hotel and check. But you're right, they are not very clear about that particular point.
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I work for a lodging company here in Park City and I can honestly say that we were a bit confused as to how this program works too - it is actually up to each lodging provider to decide how many passes to provide for each reservation! See our site to see how we're doing it: Our $20.02 Page
Otherwise as previously mentioned, be sure to ask when booking so you know what you get!
You can certainly drop me an email at work if you have questions too at eric@pclodge.com
Think snow!
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Welcome to epic ski. Thanks for the info. I'm sure many others will be glad to get it. Let us know if you find out more.
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Well, I just read a bit and talked with a few places I'm looking at for my trip. He said for starters you get one voucher for each day you stay if you stay at least 3 days. After that, since these are not free to them, He said they could work more in for an additional $10 a voucher.

I was very excited about that until i really looked at whatI was reading and noticed it was $20.02 OFF a ticket, not a $20.02 ticket..whoops! Even with this, it will still be $10 off a day, so still a great deal. Thats all i found out so guess we'll see.
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Depending on where you ski, that discount will enable you to ski for less than $20 (Alta: $18, Powder Mt: $17, Brighton $19, Sundance $8).

The people I talked to said that the hotel & the ski area split the cost of the $20.02 discount 50/50, so if they're charging you $10 for the additional voucher, the hotel is asking you to pay for their end.
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As I noted in my previous post, this $20.02 promotion is definitely not the most well defined program that I've seen. The concept certainly is good, but the execution is really left up to the individual lodging providers...this really makes for a lot of variation in how many passes you might receive. Again, ask before you commit or you might got get what you expect.
But, $20.02 off a day pass in this day and age of rising ticket prices isn't bad!
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I guess for anyone else looking into this as well, ask your lodging if you can buy more of the vouchers. The place we are looking the guy admitted that they have to pay for them, but he would sell us more for $10 each. Like someone said above, prob just passing on his cost. But hey, it's still $10 off a day. And to not have to buy a multiday at one resort to get like pricing, thats a pretty good deal. Now if they would only do something about the car rental rates...
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I reserved a car through Hertz for only $21/day (AAA discount, I think), but watch out for the Utah rental car tax. When I went there 1.5 years ago, it was a whopping 28% -- no joke (the guy at the counter thanked me for my contribution to the SLC Olympics Games).

A lot of people rave about the ski bus, but my experiences with public transport in the western US have been, let's just say, less than satisfying (lots of bad memories of the RTD in Denver/Boulder), so I might stick with a rental car.
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"Guests who visit Utah during the 2001-2002 ski and snowboard season and stay a minimum of three nights at a participating lodging property will receive a certificate for $20.02 off adult lift tickets at participating Utah mountain resorts. This unique opportunity to see and ski the venues for the 2002 Olympic Winter Games, as well as other area resorts, is Utah's way of welcoming the world to the incredible excitement and enthusiasm that will engulf our mountain resort communities before, during, and after the 2002 Olympic Winter Games.

With over 500 annual inches of the lightest and driest snow found anywhere in the world offered at 13 participating mountain resorts, 10 of which are less than an hour from the Salt Lake International Airport, Utah visitors have a lot to celebrate!

Resorts participating in Utah's $20.02 Winter Celebration are listed below and participating lodging properties are located throughout the state including the Salt Lake area, Park City area, Ogden/Weber County, Provo/Utah County, and Southern Utah.

The Utah's $20.02 Winter Celebration program kicks off August 2001. Guests must book accommodations with a participating lodging partner for a minimum three-night stay to a maximum ten-night stay, during the 2001-2002 ski season. Once the guest arrives, he/she will be given ski resort certificates for as many days as he/she is staying at the property.

The certificates are redeemable at any participating Utah ski resorts for $20.02 toward the all-day adult lift ticket price. The certificates will be completely interchangeable among all of the participating Utah ski resorts. The certificates will be valid for a single all-day adult lift ticket only and are not valid with discounted multi-day passes. Child ski free and discount programs vary by resort and will remain. Blackout dates for Utah's $20.02 Winter Celebration are December 26, 2001 - Jan. 4, 2002, unless otherwise specified by the participating lodging properties. Offer does not apply to reservations made prior to May 1, 2001.

Participating Resorts
Alta Ski Area
Beaver Mountain Ski Resort
Briah Head Resort
Brighton Ski Resort
Deer Valley Resort
Elk Meadows Resort
Park City Mountain Resort
Powder Mountain Resort
Snowbasin Resort
Snowbird Ski & Summer Resort
Solitude Mountain Resort
Sundance Resort"

The number of tix is basaed on the occupancy plan you book. at least it should be. dbl occupancy,2 tix, quad 4 etc. rates go up with occupancy #s & the lift tik is offset by that.

Depending on where you are staying a car may not be necessary.

also offsite rentals are cheaper.

hell at this point I would drive you around if you could produce snow!

Hatfield is from GA isn't he??

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Well, we have 5 people so need a larger car for all our junk. One possible good thing is we have a guy driving up from vegas and its less than half the cost for him to rent there and drive up. I'll still need to find something for a few days until he gets there. Anyone have any #'s of off site rentals I could look into and be able to get to from airport? And Matt, I'll work on that snow thing so I can have a driver all week
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For offsite car rental at SLC airport I'd recommend Payless - 800-327-3631 or Enterprise - 888-252-9832, tax rate for these drops to about 16% from about 25% for on airport!!!
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Depending on where you are staying you may not need a car.Here in Park City there is a free bus service and The service should get you up to the Canyons resort, as well as Park City and Deer Valley.Lewis Bros runs a shuttle to the Cottenwwod Canyons from Park City.so Alta Snowbird and Brigton and Solitude are all within reach with out a rental car.If You are staying in Salt lake they have ski buses that run up to the Cottenwood Canyons.I don't have any phone # in front of me if you would like some # for tranportation let me know and i will get them.
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the places we are lookng at are between the cotonwoods. my buddies are asking where is the area dry and where can we find spirits. Any help on this?
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since you arranged for the snow so well I'll help out
1)The Only Dry Thing in Utah is the Snow

3.2 percent beer can be purchased in grocery and convenience stores.
All other wine, beer, and liquor must be purchased at state-owned liquor stores. There are plenty of store locations in and around ski country - just ask; or log onto www.visitutah.org/liquorlaws.htm for a complete listing of store locations.

Bars that serve alcohol in Utah are deemed "private clubs." Visitors must simply purchase a temporary club membership card to enter. Cards usually cost about $5 and are good for up to 5 people to visit the club for a week's time.

Any restaurant with a liquor license can serve the full complement of beer, wine and liquor with your meal.


2) closest liquor store to your stay. hmmmm
Address - 1863 East 7000 South
Salt Lake City
Phone Number - (801) 942-6234
Manager - Diann Andreason
Store Hours - 10am to 10pm
Days Open - Monday thru Saturday
Closed - Sundays, Certain Elections and Holidays
Photo not available.
Address - 5056 South State Street
Phone Number - (801) 262-7789
Manager - Scott Berriochoa
Store Hours - 10am to 10pm
Days Open - Monday thru Saturday
Closed - Sundays, Certain Elections and Holidays

anyway tell me exactly where you are staying & I will recomend a near by watering hole

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