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crowd escapes at WP & Copper

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On a crowded day where might an intermediate go to escape the worst lines and crowds at:
1. Winter Park
2. Copper Mountain

Will the time frame between Xmas and NYs be a total zoo with no quiet zones at these areas?

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I think the toughest part of this identifying what end of the intermediate spectrum you want. Of course the general rule of thumb applies - the further you go from the base area, the less crowds you'll find. At Copper you can never be further than one lift ride from the base, so I would plan on eating a late lunch. The same may be true for Winter Park.

At Copper I'd suggest the following:
  • Anything off the Superbee lift</font>
  • If that's too hard, anything off the Rendezvous lift.</font>
  • Timberline Express early in the morning</font>
  • Excelerator early in the morning</font>
The busiest lifts at Copper will be American Eagle and American Flyer. In general, I'd suggest starting your day by going up American Flyer. Take the "American Flyer" run as a warm-up and ski Timberline Express until the crowds start showing up. Traverse from the top of Timberline Express all the way across to the bottom of Rendezvous. Find some untouched powder in this area (it's almost always there) and then ski all the way down to the bottom of Superbee. You may end up at the bottom of American Eagle. Ski Superbee the rest of the day.
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At WP, start early--be in line when the lifts open. If the bowl is open, head up there for the morning before the crowds arrive. To me it always seems less crowded on the few blues on the backside of Mary Jane than anywhere near Snoasis. If Vasquez Ridge is open, it attracts fewer people because of poling at the bottom.
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I second the responses listed above. As a general rule of thumb, when skiing on a crowded day, stay away from the center of the mountain--hence Snoasis area at WP or Main Vein at Copper. At WP, stay away from the following lifts when the hordes arrive: Zephyr Express, Eskimo Express, Prospector Express. The Summit Express at Mary Jane is the only lift that is usually open, but it gets crowded too.
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Thanks for the insight.
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If your at WP and you like bump runs ski off the Challenger lift on Mary Jane. There are a lot of runs you can hit there and I've never had to wait for more than a couple of people in line even over Christmas. The only downside is it is only a double chair but its worth it to get away from the crowds.
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