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Any Big Ski Trips already on the calendar? Where ya goin'?
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ryans bored..

Rhone Valley for wine tasting November,

visit my in-laws with my wife in December (snow permitting get a few turns in with the east coast bears)

Whistler January 26 one week
Whistler February 16 also 1 week.
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as soon as they open

aspen highlands,
early dec for their opening day,have not missed one in 7 years.
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("damn dchan knows me too well.")

Looking like Big Sky and Sun Valley now, plus whatever we get here in SoCal. Two Mammoth weekends. And whatever else falls from the sky.
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You are not he only one Ryan. No trips outside Colorado this year. I have already recieved my season pass so look for me in Summit County, Vail, Beaver Creek.
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Trying to get the dates together for a trip to Jackson Hole. Looking at either the new year or mid february. Beyond that I'll probably just hang around Tahoe with a day or two at Mammoth.

Jump- It's always smaller than it looks!
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4 weeks in Vail, January. Taking in Beaver Creek, and Arapahoe during my stay. I'm travelling on my own so I'm a bit scared - any advice from other sole travellers out there?!!
It's a once in a lifetime kind of trip to push my skiing to new limits in the bumps and pow. Also my way of deciding whether I want to carry on working in an office doing the career thing or jack it all in and become a ski chick!
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dchan, getting in a little early season trip to the Alpes du Rhone eh?
I think you'll find the terrain to your liking at Hermitage. Be sure to take a few runs on the slopes outside Ampuis; especially the Cote Rotie chair. And if you get way south (though they may not have snow in Nov; assume you're taking your rock skis), there's tons of good backcountry places to explore around Beaumes de Venise.
Be sure to post detailed notes here upon return. And don't forget to spit!
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Hey dchan, Isola 2000 is about 4 hours from Chateauneuf du Pape. You drive west to Nice and then head north for an hour or so. You just might want to toss your boots in your suitcase.

If you get over to Gigondas, check out the white wine at Brusset... and buy a case for me. They don't seem to export it to the US.

I haven't sorted out ski trips yet this winter. I'm headed to Valle Nevado on Friday and that's occupying my full attention at the moment. I'm thinking maybe a retro-1950's Alta Peruvian thing in mid-January now that you can get an AltaBird ticket. I'm also thinking maybe a BC interior trip... Silver Star, Big White, that sort of thing.
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Since the trip is set up to be a wine tour and we only have one car for the 5 of us I don't think I'm going to get away for a ski trip. but we are planning on a day in Gigondas so I'll check it out. send me an email at with shipping info. I'll see what I can do about that wine. (not sure if they are willing to ship to us or not. depends on customs.) I'm limiting myself to 1 case to transport. the rest will be shipped if I purchase more.
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I work and ski at Mammoth every day, but usually end up doing some PSIA stuff at Tahoe for a day or two. My girlfriend and I have a condo in Verbier April 6 - 20, and we will probably day trip to Zermatt, and stay a few extra days in Chamonix. Hopefully, we can save up enough money to get a guide for several days, and bust out the randonee gear. Then it's back to CA, and a road trip to Shasta with a bunch of friends, for more backcountry. After that, gonna try to earn as much Sierra corn as possible into the summer.
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Several of us are instructors/skiers in the Summit County/Vail area. If you want ski buddies while you're there, let us know! You can reach me at until at least October. You'll have fun!
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Het, I'm going to assume that like most people on this board, you are somewhat younger than I am.

When I was your age, young just kidding. When I was in my 20s, I travelled just about everywhere by myself, including Egypt, Greece and various parts of the US. I even, at the risk of losing a job thatI loved, spent 5 weeks studying Italian in Perugia.

The medical school in Perugia is attended by many Iranians.

This was the summer of the Iranian Hostage crisis.

I got into all sorts of trouble that summer (which I refuse to talk about here}. And...

I had a great time doing it and came away a far better person.

Carpe Diem! Go with your instincts. Its well worth it!

Be Braver in your body, or your luck will leave you. DH Lawrence
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Mike - thanks for your offer, ski buddies would be great! I'll be there from January 5th so will email you nearer the time.

Wow - your travels sound amazing.
I guess there's no reason for me to be scared about being on my own. I think I'm most scared of enjoying the trip too much! I somehow got sucked from University to the whole joint mortgage, career thing and none of it makes me as happy as skiing.

Happiest day I had this year was in the US after a great day of skiing with a crazy Italian guy I met in a ski lesson who was on 2metre Dynastars and skied like a complete mentalist! Then got the last bus back to the town sitting on the floor with my tequila sunrise and chatting to some local who was telling me to give up my job and live the dream. I felt completely content (OK the tequila may have had something to do with it) and like I was in the right place.

Oh sod it - maybe I'll quit tommorrow, get "Carpe Diem" tattood on my arse and move to the Alps!
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Love your attitude! That's what it's all about. Let me know your e-mail address before October, because I'll have to change mine when I leave for Colorado at that time. You'll have a blast, never fear!
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Het, with your love of the sport, and your attitude towards education, sounds like you should consider teaching it.

When I first started working out, I was in college studying psychology. Them I realized I would have alot more fun shrinking bodies.

I don't think anything could possibly be worse than looking back on your life one day and saying "Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda".

Good Luck!

Be Braver in your body, or your luck will leave you. DH Lawrence
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OK Mike - my email is
(bit of an obvious one I guess!)

Yeah Lisa - ski instructor would be my ideal job but I was born in the wrong country! It would be a really difficult decision to leave everything here. It's just a question of working out what is really important to me I suppose - hence my 4 week trip!
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Heading for Jacksonhole in March.

"You guys line up alphabetically by height."
-Bill Peterson, a Florida State football coach.
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Yes,I am going to Park City and then drive 5 mins for a trip to Deer Valley and 10 mins to The Canyons.With luck I will be able to do an Alta trip and even make it up to Snow Basin.By the way Snow Basin stinks so don't go there.
Living and working in a ski town has it's rewards but my ski travel is limited. If the snow is good this year in Jackson, I will get up that way for a couple of days.

The Best skier in the world is the One with the biggest smile. Utah49

<FONT size="1">

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What are the problems with Snowbasin?
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Het, I heard this song this morning and thought of you.

Be Braver in your body, or your luck will leave you. DH Lawrence
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The snow in the background is perfect!
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What are the problems with Snowbasin?<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>The problem is that the place is very uncrowded with lots o' untracked powder. If you go there, that selfish lout Utah49 won't have it all to his-self.
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Cool song - may have to make that my trip anthem.
Other possibilities are U2 "Still haven't found what I'm looking for"
or Tears for Fears "Woman in Chains"!!!

Maybe I'll have those at my wedding one day too
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