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Silver Star or Big White

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We've been up to Big White a couple of times. Incredible mountain with incredible snow! We just love the gladed runs. The only drawback was the weather. There were some days there where the fog was so thick that you couldn't tell if you were standing up or lying down! Apparently some of the locals nick name it the Big White-out. Now I know why.

Anyways, Silver Star is close by, supposed has similar terrain (though a little smaller) but better weather? We haven't been up to Silver Star, and were wondering how it compares with Big White.
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Silverstar is only 30km due north from Big White. The weather at one will have the same as the other. I've been to SS and BW quite often (work related) and have had perfect -15c blue bird with 40cm, and fog and cloud so thick I couldn't see what model ski I was on. Weather is hit and miss in the Okanagon.
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If you're worried about the weather, may I suggest one or more of the many resorts in and around Calgary?

Banff, Lake Louise, Castle Mountain, Kicking Horse, Fernie, Panorama, etc. Click on skitown.com and check out the different sites for any of the resorts in Alberta.

Keep skiing faster!
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