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Dull Tip and Tail

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Why are most skis tuned to be duller at the tip and the tail? And how do I know where I should start sharpening?
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modern skis should not be dulled.

at most, use a Gummi Stone for about 1" at the tip if it hooks too hard... but unless you know how the ski is designed to perform, and unless you know whether you've done a bad job on the bevels, you shouldn't mess with dulling.

if you're on old straight skis, I suggest dulling about 2" at the tip and tail, and work from there as you need more edge smear.
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gonzostrikes has the first part of your answer already.

The other part of it is to work on problem areas (edge strikes) first, then tune over the entire edge, tip to tail, as far as you can go.

PennSkier, PM me your email address- we can do some turns.

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The skis I've bought recently are all sharp the entire edge length. If you take your skis to a shop to be tuned it seems like most I've been to still want to dull the tips and tails.
Maybe they figure most peoples techniques aren't that good and they will be easier to ski.

A sharp edge shouldn't cause hooking, if it's hooking you most likely have something else wrong like the bindings are too far forward, or you have too much forward lean or ramp angle.
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