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Mid April, near Boston

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Local info required here folks.

May have the oppurtunity to accompany my hard working partner to Boston in mid-April.

What ski-hills would you reccommend within driving distance of the City that will be open at that time.
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Sadly, there will be little or nothing to ski by then...Killington is usually one of the last to close but given recent weather I doubt it would be worth the trip

I suppose it all depends on your definition of "ski hill" but my guess is Tuckermans would not meet your definition
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Thanks learn2turn and Mikec13.

I usually come from the UK for a couple of weeks per year to ski the West/Rockies so my experience of 'hill' is of that size/type (just back from Jackson Hole and Big Sky - now there's a 'hill'!), BUT I have a lay/common knowledge understanding of 'The East'.

Checking on the net isTuckermans the hike only area near Wildcat?
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I put the smiley on my answer because Tuckerman's is not a lift-serviced ski area. It's where adventurous types go in spring after the ski areas have closed. It's a few hour hike in to the base and then you still have to hike to ski.

This season in the east midseason wasn't bad. Later winter has been aweful, warm and rainy. Of course, some mountains may get dumps any time so you never know. April is the second snowiest month at Sugarloaf after March.

Some best bets late season are Killington VT (3+ hours from Boston), Sunday River ME (3.5 hours from Boston) and Sugarloft ME (I did from 4 hours once but I drove like a maniac).

Within an hour of Boston, everything will be closed. Wachusett MA made it to April 17 one year but will be lucky to make 4/4 this year.

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