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another storm in the Sierra's

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Another cold storm is pushing into the Pacific region. Lake Tahoe is supposed to get snow this weekend (Closing weekend for a lot of resorts ) The snow level is expected to be around 3500 Ft and chains are expected to be required on all mountain passes.
Sugar bowl lift tickets are 25.00 through Sunday (closing day)

Grrr I wish I could get away.... Oh well.
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There's always Squaw
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I understand that Kirkwood will close at the end of April. Does anyone know whether any Tahoe resorts are still expected to be open May 2-10th?<FONT size="1">

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I'll think of you cause I'll be at whichever mounatin gets the most snow, hopefully starting tomorrow afternoon. As soon as 6" falls I'm gone. I was hoping to do my annual Mammoth ski and campout this weekend but the weather will force me to stay local and ski Sugarbowl or Alpine.

BTW, the plural for Sierra is the Sierra, there is no 's. Just nitpicking
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desertdawg...you suck.

Please take a run in the freshies for your poor 'lil city friends who are wishing they could be mountain hopping like you!
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Go get um DD
I made my last trip last weekend. I just sent my skis back to Salomon for warr. replacement. I was practicing my avalmont in Utah on some deep bumps and put some small stress fractures in the top skin. Going to see if they'll replace them.
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anyone got an update on what the snow is like in this storm?

considering going up there tomorrow....
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(Squaw is reporting 20" so far as of this morning!)<FONT size="1">

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very very very very tempting....
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Just got back from sugarbowl. Best powder they had all year! Super-light and no crust. It snowed all day and there was almost nobody there. some areas I was skiing thigh deep and I couldn't see through my wave on the turns. The snow was blowing to the bottoms off the cliffs too, resulting in 5-7 foot of powder under the cliffs. They were some of the softest hits I've ever taken. i even got my biggest hit ever.(between 40 and 50.) Some ski patrol guy tried to talk me out of it but I was to stoked, I had to do it. Incredible, it was incredible. I don't know if I would go tommorow though because I already poached every good line on the mountain The snow is still fallin', if you can go you would be stupid not to!
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