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Today is Sunday,April 21st. Does any one know what's happening at Killington? Is it worth the trip next week or week-end?

[ April 21, 2002, 10:46 AM: Message edited by: oboe ]
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I was there Saturday, April 20. Skyelark was thin and narrow. Superstar was closed due to heavy ice. Opened later. So Superstar is it!!!!

Lift ticket is only $25, and you can get coupons for $25 for next season until Dec 13.

I'm closing up shop for the season. Going to spend my time repairing gear, and making ski furniture. Won't make it into May.
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So Kee Tov, does that mean it's ice skiing only? What's the trail like as far as surface conditions and the trail itself? I've never been to Killington in my life.
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Yeah we were thinking about heading up midweek this week - but its looking like it may be time to break out the skiers edge and videos instead!
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Superstar is longer than 3,000 feet, and has pitches of 30-40 degrees. Moguls, moguls, and more moguls. Height of moguls this time of year are about 2-3 feet.

The ice skiing I was refering to was the cold snap the night before. With temps in the 50+, the snow does soften. If you are planning on going, make sure it is not freezing the night before. When I went in May last year, we had to walk down the headwall, and over several sections of no-snow.

Killington may or may not tell you if you have to walk any distance. The snow cover on Superstar was decent, with only one section of 20 foot width. If it is warm from dawn, the snow is super mush by 11AM.

Enjoy if you go.
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It's not looking very good from that description.
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I'm seriously thinking of heading up on Friday, but, only if the weather cooperates.

Drop me a PM if anyone else is thinking of going. Sunday River is still open too.
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I heard from a reliable source Superstar was groomed down the middle saturday night.
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Originally posted by oboe:
It's not looking very good from that description.
Hmmm. I heard they were having a miniskirt contest this weekend.

Is it looking better yet, Oboe?
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Depends on who's wearing the miniskirt, cheap seats. Frankly, the show is available right here at home, but the snow is what requires that I roam.
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Originally posted by BG:
I heard from a reliable source Superstar was groomed down the middle saturday night.
Yep. It was stinkin' rock-hard on Sunday, too. If they hadn't groomed it, it would have been closed. I took one run and went back to close down the condo 'til next fall. This'll be the first time in many years that I don't ski into May. I expect my enthusiasm will return for the opening day pickup truck ride next fall.
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Has anyone heard about Sunday River in Maine?
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Have you looked at:




Their discussion forum is surprisingly active (for a single ski area), and I've found the reports there from "real people" to be on the mark. Their main web site currently reports 11 trails and 1 lift - ouch - a long way down from 125 trails during the first week of April.

Tom / PM
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I think Sunday River may have free skiing sometime this weekend.
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BG & Physics:

Thanks so much for the tip/link. Now we just have to schmooz the female parent of the species since junior prodigy came home with a "C" on his report card last night. :
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Yer quite welcome. Thank God I had to send my boots back to Technica for work and don't have them in my posession right now. I've got the "one more run" itchies so bad that if I had the boots, I'd probably hop in the car right now at 1 AM and drive the 12 hrs for the 1 lift that's open.

BTW, I know *ALL* about the convince-the-wife (non-skiing in my case) routine. Good luck.

Tom / PM
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