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90-mm waisted fatties

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Hey out there. I know that towards the end of the season, some of us actually had the opportunity to try some of the 2002 gear. Of that gear, I am interested in what you folks thought of some of the really fat (90-mm wasited) freeride/park sticks coming out next year. I only got to try the Salomon Pocket Rocket (185 length) and was amazed at the crud/pow preformance, but was less than impressed at how a board like that handles on the harder snow. Did nayone else have anything to add about the groomed performance of the super-fats? I guess that in the deeper snow regions that such characteristics are a moot point, but I see so many folks jumping to the PR and other boards as their all-mtn machines (including the park). I wonder if I missed the boat on how to run those skis on the groomers, or if others are disregarding physics and just buying into the hype. So, what do you think?
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I really appreciate your thoughts. Getting the low down from folks who really ski and tear up the mountain is priceless!
I own a pair of 4x4 Bigs that I picked up at the end of last season. The limited use they saw convinced me that fats are great, especially in the right conditions. I especially liked these boards in the spring mush.

Of the other boards, I liked the 10.EX, but they were gone by the time that I was in the market to buy. My buddy owns a pair, which he loves, but he struggles with them in the trees. They are like a big fat GS ski.
The 2000-2001 XXX is beefy, but a bit big for me in the 193.

The PR is fun, but no way that it could be my only ski. It will be intersting to see how many of those PR's start popping up in the freestyle parks across the nation.

I would have liked to own a G41, but they sold out early. Enjoy yours. In the meantime, my G30's and Big's will have to do. Again, thanks for the input.
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Fats are definitely wierd on the packed and in the bumps. Transition from edge to edge takes awhile. Just like anything else, they can be figured out...then again, with all the skis that excel there..why??
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I've been on my old 190-ish Volkl Explosiv 3's (92 mm waist) for a while now and utterly LOVE them in pow, deep mushy slop, half refrozen piles and ruts of slop, etc. They even work ok in soft moguls.

Any of you guys ever been on them? If so how do they stack up to the new fats? Any reason for me to take the time to demo the new stuff?

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I've skied the old expolsives, two years ago I would still see some guides up in Canada, still on the old CMH models. I did not go last year because of the snow, but I don't think you will see as many this comming year.
The new skis like the G41 are so much better, you need to try them. Every year skis get a little better and after 7,8,9 years, skis are pretty dated. You can still use them for certain conditions, ( rocks ). But after skiing on the new stuff, its hard to go back.
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