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Club Med Skiing, specifically Copper Mtn.

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Anyone have any experience with this? Met a couple who have been doing it for awhile and really enjoy it. Seems like a deal money-wise, especially considering you get five or six straight days of instruction included (after a "ski-off" to determine where you belong).

Anybody have any personal experience, or have heard good or bad from others? (There's one in Crested Butte, too, so of course any feedback on that is as welcome.)
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Here ya go...
Club Med Copper used to be the only winter Club Med in N. America until last year when they started their Crested Butte Club Med. Copper is the adults only Club Med and CB is the all ages one.

Copper's CM is rated 2 star mostly because of their cusine. That's also the reason for the "good" price that you mentioned. Their lodging is not elegant either. Of course you know that you will eat, drink, and play at Club Med. Rarely do I see the CM'ers eating anywhere other than CM. CM will entertain you at night with group sing-a-longs that the intructors lead. CM will bus your gear to and from your room; instructors do that too. Poor bastards, they work those instructors hard.

You will receive an instructor as a group. They'll practically spend as much time with you as you want on and off the slopes. Each instructor gets 1 day off a month. So, you won't be reassigned instructors during your stay. I understand that the overall caliber of their instructors are quite good. Others may know better than I on that account.
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Hi Ryan--

Club Med is a unique type of ski vacation. As PinHed has said, Copper's Club Med was the only winter CM in the country, until they opened another one last season in Crested Butte.

They operate as a "resort within a resort," independently of the rest of Copper Mountain. Club Med's instructors work for Club Med exclusively, with no ties to the Copper Ski and Snowboard School, although we do invite them to participate in our training. Many of their instructors are foreign, with foreign certification, and the Club Med school does virtually no in-house training. But they do pay more for certified instructors, so there are many eager participants in our (Copper Mountain's) certification training program.

Part of the Club Med "philosophy" involves encouraging guests and employees alike to mingle and participate in group activities. Their rooms are intentionally austere--not uncomfortable, but offering very few amenities (I don't think they even have televisions at Copper Mountain)--they want to entice you NOT to just "hole up" in your room. It's a popular idea, apparantly, in Europe, but many Americans seem to prefer a little fancier accomodations. The Crested Butte Club Med, I understand, is a bit more luxurious.

The food at Club Med at Copper is very good--buffet style with a fairly lavish variety of offerings.

As PinHed noted, the instructors work night and day, doing everything from helping move luggage in when the new guests arrive to little entertainment skits in the evenings. They get little time off, and are expected to mingle with the guests whenever possible. But they are, for the most part, VERY happy, it seems to me!

Because they do not work for Copper Mountain, Club Med's instructors and their groups do NOT have lift line privileges. That's something to keep in mind during busy periods. Many people take ski lessons just to avoid lift lines, but to do that at Club Med, you will have to hire a Copper Mountain instructor (which is NOT included in your Club Med package!).

That's about all I know about Club Med. It is a vacation that suits some people perfectly, but it's probably not for everyone.

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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