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Serious Snow

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I just got up, and I can't belive how much snow there is. It has been snowing since Saturday morning, and it is still coming down. Last night we got about 18" on the neighbors roof. Last Friday was perhaps the best day at Mammoth in two years, absolute windbuff pow perfection, all day long. Keep it comin'. Wish I had mounted my new fats. Oh well.
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Looks like those fronts are stacked out in the Pacific and more snow is headed your way,and eventully this way By The way what are your new powder skis? I sure need a pair, but my wallet is rather light. I have some old skis on ebay for sale as soon as they sell I'll have the case to pick up some fat skis.
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Supermountains are going cheap; there should still be some demos around Park City in the $300 range.. saw some at Jan's. I got a new pair last spring for $320 and had them out at Alta the other day.. highly recommend.
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Utah49 - I have a new pair of AK Launchers, same fat I had the last two years. Did not matter today, as the snow really dried out last night, and my Enemies worked great. Lots of freshies and face shots early, and good windbuff in the chutes a little later. The top never opened, so tomorrow should be epic too.
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