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Crested Butte vs Jackson Hole & Whistler?

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Hi, there. I'm looking for some help with selecting our destination for the coming season's ski trip. At our last dryland training session at a local watering hole, my ski buddies narrowed the destination of our annual trip down to three options -- Whistler, Jackson Hole or Crested Butte. We've skied Whistler and Jackson Hole several times, but Crested Butte is the wild card. None of us has had any first-hand experience with this mountain, but we're tempted to try some place new this year. If anyone has skied there and either Jackson, Whistler, or both, and wouldn't mind providing some comparative critiques, it would be much appreciated. I'll take them along to help fuel the debate at the next "training" session.

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Ive never been to whistler, but i can compare Crusty Butt and Jackson for you.

Pierre is very right about the town of CB. Very friendly and close knit people, the free shuttle to and from the town is also run much better at CB than the ski bus in Jackson, it also stays open later.

I would be wary of CB in a low snow year though. Unfortunatly, when i was there, first week of Jan in 2000 they were having an awfull snow year, and the only bowl open was paradise. Every other bowl, including the extreme back bowls, the bananna funnel and headwall were closed, but looked like they would have been awsome if they had enough snow. Bottom line, CB looks like it has beeter extreme terrain, but much less of it than Jackson.

CB also had better apres ski bars. I believe the Avalanche bar was rated the top apres ski bar in the country one year by playboy mag, although the mangy moose in Jackson is no slouch either.

You might also want to consider the length of your vaction as a factor. I seont a week in Jackson this past year, and was never bored. I spent only 5 days in CB but was bored with their mountain after the 3rd day. This again was proably because more than half the mountain was closed. If i went to CB again, which i plan on doing in a better snow year, i would proably spend about 2-3days their, then go to telluride and durango and do a little ski tour of SW Col. you might want to think about that option too.
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I haven't been to Whistler. I live in the east and would have to fly over too much outstanding Rockies terrain to get there. Doesn't make sense in mid season. It is at the top of my short list of places to ski very early (Dec.) or very late (April), though.

As for Crusty and Jackson, they are two of my favorites. Pierre and jh (?my eyes have trouble with the fonts) laid it out pretty well. When the Butte has snow, it's just the best. If you are planning your trip for the heart of the season, Feb or March, I'd go to the Butte, since you've already gone to Jackson. I think Jackson is a better bet for January than Crusty Butt. If you are at Jackson and find yourself getting bored with the terrain--I find that inconceivable, really--look into the ample backcountry options in the Tetons, or rent a car and haul as* for Big Sky (3 hours), which has butt kicking terrain off the Lone Peak tram and Challenger lift.
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A lot depends on when you would go! Whistler
early and late, Jackson, January or Febuary.
CB in March. If you do go to CB, try three days a Irwin Lodge snowcat skiing.
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