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What an odd little place - sort of like visiting a time warp! My son had the day off from school last Friday, so I decided to take him to Tenney Mountain in Plymouth NH. They have a deal on Fridays: 2 lift tickets for $29! Vertical is over 1000', so how bad could it be?

Well, we liked it! Two slow chairs (a double and a triple) and not very challenging terrain, but enjoyable skiing just the same: quirky cruisers with multiple fall lines and decent grooming (snow was firm but not icy - just the way my Atomics like it). Very nice base lodge and no crowds. And $29 for 2 all-day tickets!

I'd say it's worth a day once every 2 seasons or so. It appears to have gone in and out of business a couple of times during the last few years, but it's been bought by a Japanese corporation and they plan to institute some kind of new crushed-ice snowmaking system next year that will allow them to open in October!

One more thing: I've haven't seen so many straight skis and rear entry boots in years!