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Just booked a trip for some last turns of the year at Whistler June 9 and 10. Anyone familiar with late spring conditions up there to know what might be worth hiking to ski in a few weeks?
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You are fortunate in that you will NOT be skiing the glacier those days. You will be on Whistler mountain.

April was a great snow month. I had one of my best weekends of the year two weeks ago. Lots of new snow.

You'll love it!<FONT size="1">

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Thanks - yes, that was the plan -- to get there before it was just the glacier.
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Whistlers snow cover is fairly minimal. I was just there last weekend. Lifts open were Harmony, T-bars, Emerald and Franz's. Of Course Gondola too. Peak chair was closed. Snow cover real low at base of harmony and Emerald. It did snow 6 inches or so on Monday.
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I skied Whistler on Monday - it was much colder than on a weekend and it was snowing!
There were not many people, so there was a lot of powder everywhere (not very deep though, about an ankle high in average). It was one of the best day for me ( I ski Tahoe and we do not have good light powder there). Unfortunately, the Harmony was closed, so we skied Emerald and Franz.

It was a big surprise for us, since we wouldn't expect this kind of conditions at the end of May.
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