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green skiers at snowmass

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this board has been very helpful...thanks for past and future input...

we are going next month with four couples, two are good greens but very tentative on blue(especially steeper blues)...snowmass seems to lack green slopes...is there any good introductory blues there we could take them on to build up there confidence?? thanks,

p.s. gotta love the snow
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There's a ton of greens off the Burlingame chair. Sneakie's off the top of the Burn is the most popular easy blue. Pick up a grooming report each morning. I don't think any of the freshly groomed blues will give you any trouble. Have fun!
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Remember, Snowmass list only 7% of their terrain as green. But, that is 7% of 3010 acres. Buttermilk is mostly green but that is only 420 acres. Snowmass has more green acres than Buttermilk. Lots of room on that mountain.

Why not take a couple of lessons and get more accustomed to the blues and blacks.

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Music.."Green acres is the place for me.." Eyedoc, You will love Snowmass! The mass in Snowmass, is the massive amount of easy slopes and perfect grooming found there.
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The Mass is quite accomodating for people skiing greens. Don't let a trail map fool you. There are some blues on the Elk Camp side that are really (in reality)fun greens. If your party is there for a few days take them over to Two Creeks and Elk Camp, after they've warmed up for some fun downhill that you may even enjoy. Plus it's a very wide mountain and the crowd factor is low...
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