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ski pant questions

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I've recently purchased a pair of North Face Mountain lite pants but they don't seem near as warm as my former pants. Are these things good in really cold weather (like 0 with a nice wind)? Any other suggestions for a good ski pant that can handle really cold weather along with normal temps (30s)?

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Before I recommend something "blue and stretchy," gotta ask: What is/are your base layer(s)?
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Normally, I just wear the light Hot chili bottoms (3000s or something like that).

I've looked at some pants from Rossie (staff and Extra) but no one seems to know much about them...
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I think I'd go with ryan on this one.
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Goretex shell pants like the Mt Lite are not meant to provide insulation- they manage wind and moisture, and protect against abrasion. Wear a pair of 200 wt fleece pants underneath, and that will keep you both warm, and (due to the wicking of the fleece) dry. If you are REALLY cold, wear a pair of mid or light weight Capiline under the fleece.
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I agree with Lucky. Go with Ryan on this one.
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I love this place.
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ryan, I think I owe you a beer. [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img]
post #10 of 11 Did people ever actually wear that stuff, seriously? (yeah I know, and they still do).
When I started out, we wore funny knee length things called Knickerbockers. I have no idea why.
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i like the spyder ski bibs...warm, but can be used most anywhere while skiing...good comfy fit too [img]smile.gif[/img]

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