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Best Day On Skis

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I was sitting in a tavern on Saturday after skiing and started talking to these two people that I have never met before and we got talking about skiing, go figure. The topic came up of the best 3 days on skis that we have ever had. We talked for a couple hours on just best days on skis, so I would like to through that topic out to the bears...What are your best days ever on skis?

1. My first time to Mad River Glen right after a dumping. I met up with a local on the chairlift and he took me to all the great places that were not on the trail map. Amazing powder, amazing steeps, amazing skiing that I will never forget.

2. Sunday River about 10 years ago. I was up there on a school trip. It just happened to be the same weekend of the Bust n Burn competition. I found myself on the White Heat chairlift with Wayne Wong! Made a run with him down White Heat. Incredible!! I was late for the bus home and all the teachers were quite upset, but it was worth it. They just did not understand.

3. Burke Mountain, many years ago. I woke up to 3 feet of new powder, spent the whole day just ripping the narrow trails of Burke in thigh to waist high powder. Fantastic day on skis.

I hope to have some more great days on skis in the next two weeks up in New England.
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Weather dependent happiness!

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Wayne Wong! LOL! Man, he was the king of the old school. I ran into him about 1978 up on Mt. Seymour one day, a small hill in Vancouver's back yard. He was with a class in a remote little corner off the big chair. Watched him do plenty of daffys, back scratchers, etc, smooth as butter. Chatted with him for a while, heck of a nice guy.
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