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Still more snow in Utah

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Sorry guys; I hate to rub it in, but it's pretty exiting out here. I woke up to seven inches new Champaign in my yard and I'm down in the Vally. I expect Utah49 got pasted up in PC. I havn't checked Alta's website but I expect they're measuring it in feet.We've still got the best of the season ahead of us. The next five weeks or so will see either powder or "day at the beach skiing" when the desert sun comes out and temperatures get into the 40's and 50's. Snowbird will stay open until June and can be a real blast; the ongroomed snow doesn't stay so great that late in the season, but there's plenty of it and they groom it well.It's especially fun skiing the long, wide runs above treeline really, really fast.One of the best powder days I ever skied was May 15th, 1994- Snowbird.

It's two hours later and two more inches. An inch an hour in the vally. still dumping.

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YOU @#$@$%@$%. Nah jsut kidding, hope you get a great day in the pow. Wish i could catch the next flight to Salt Lake. THERE IS NO SNOW IN MAINE. Nada, zilch. Its so sad. WHats the latest its ever dumped on snowbird and alta do ut hink?
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If conditions are right The Bird will stay open on weekends untill about may 1st.As for the getting dumps? Howabout June 15Th Yes June! 3 years ago I woke to about 10" of snow in my Yard in mid June.There is a group of skiers That go to Alta every year on the 4th of july They hiike up the Mountain and ski from one patch of snow to another.If your looking for late season snow Your best bet would be Mammoth Mountain in Cal. As I recall they have had lift served skiing on the 4th of july.Spinheli or others from That area could give you more info on Mammoth.If all goes well I'll be skiing Snowbird Monday or Wednesday.
Lets see should I ski Park City or Deer valley or The Canyons?...No wait I'll go over to Snowbird...But if i am going to drive maybe go to Snowbasin...Let me say right now that that last bit I wrote was just down right mean to all you East Coast skiers.To all of you suffering out there I am sorry.
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Very cool.... 12 sleeps and I'm there! [img]smile.gif[/img]
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so much snow
even with out my favorite areas open it was a dream come true.
GREAT St. Patrick's Day!
& 2 pints o' Guiness @ the goldminer's to top it!
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Its always great to hear people getting Epic pow ... even if ya not there in person ... sort of gives you confidence that ya may get there someday and ya will get Epic pow yourself.

Hey Utaaaahhhsss when would be the best, least crowded, pow time to visit Utah next season? Sort of a free think by the locals on the best Bears Gathering timing.

Oz [img]smile.gif[/img]
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It's impossible to predict weather a year in advance, but doesn't Utah usually get a February "drought" (kinda like the conditions I got two weeks ago)?
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I'm no weather scientist and we should ask one.. But Feb generally is a good time to put on a new roof in Utah.. The first week or two in March really went nuts this year. I was up at Alta today keeping an eye on Devil's Castle. they were blasting all day. The patrol plans to open it tomorrow first thing. Got a heavy date.. it's got 72" new on it. : :
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I'd come up during the Sundance Film Festival time in January (I think the 16-26 in 2003) - lots of people around, but nobody on the lifts and there's usually some really good snow karma going around.

How much snow did we get during Sundance back in 95 or 96?! Those were the days...
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by jamesdeluxe:
It's impossible to predict weather a year in advance, but doesn't Utah usually get a February "drought" (kinda like the conditions I got two weeks ago)?<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>
late feb is usually good & uncrowded (after presidents day, before spring breaks start.

As far as that supposed February drought:

edit-image is not working
snow history

we have had 100+ this March but have had the crowds to match it.
April is quite a great time to be here too.
Prices go down @ all the lodges & you can golf or bike in the valley after skiing all day.

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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Rubob:
I was up at Alta today keeping an eye on Devil's Castle. they were blasting all day. The patrol plans to open it tomorrow first thing. Got a heavy date.. it's got 72" new on it. : :<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Wish I was up there with you today! I'll be up there this weekend for the sunshine and crud! Its been a good year.
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Welcome back Alta; It was a feeding frenzy;pretty chopped up by noon, but the a.m. was great.Somehow I prefer those days when it's dumping, the Pow's not settled but blowing in your face with every turn, you can just make out the trees so as not to hit them, nobody's around, and when you make another lap to your favorite spot, your tracks are filled in. Lacking that, I'll settle for a day like today anytime.. not quite bluebird and bottomless, but close.. {clouds moved in}
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Yea, Alta will do that, seems everybody and their brother will do whatever they can to get into terrain that they should have just looked at. I love the Castle, but hate hiking with some idiot on my tails (when I am right behind the person in front) for 15 minutes. Then they ski it like crap, traversing across what could be 15 peoples lines in search of that "FRESH ALTA POW". Then you hear them bragging about how great they ripped that line up there. Sorry, how did that develop into a rant? Must have had a bad experience on the Castle. But that is a great area, especially if you drop in a bit early and through the chutes in the Cecret Lake area, and the ones further over. A great run!

rubob, Looks like I should be able to get up there on Saturday/Sunday if you want to take a few runs. Don't expect much, still pretty weak from the sick thing. Its cool if you just want to grab a beer or something as well.

Didn't run off with Snack, Fox would be upset. Where did she go?
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Alta; full house of relatives this weekend; but let's stay in touch; there's more to come. I missed what happened with Suger. I think someone got creepy and she bailed. Too bad.
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