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Pilot system vs. Motion system

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I have demo'd the Pilot X-Screams and found them to be a really enjoyable ski. Have not skied any of the Motion series (P50, Vertigo, Carver), but have skied several Volkl models and like the 'typical' Volkl feel. Curious if anyone has skied both the Pilot and the Motion and can compare the two. (Local shop has some great prices on the P50 Motion, so I'm seriously tempted right now)
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I have skied both and found them both to enhance the "roundness" of turns I can make. Try several lengths if possible as I found shorter skis are still quite stable. (see my review as well as Oboe's)

I'm skied both the vertigo motion and am on the Crossmax Pilot. Both were 170 and I had a blast on both. I found that the "full flex" pattern of the system required much less input from me as compared to the non-motion which I tried last year (Vertigo g31? I think) and the X Scream Series which I still have in my quiver.
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by olsen:
Do not like The way binding adjusts on Motion skis. Big feet too far forward , small feet too far back.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

I don't understand that statement. Are you pressuring with your toes? I thought that the Motion has a fixed position for the center of the boot and the bindings "expand/contract" to fit the boot. Of course a long boot will reach further forward than a short boot, but that is true for traditional bindings. :
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Yeah, the motion binding moves both the toe and heel toward or away when adjusting. You're always over the center, in either case.
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by olsen:
Traditional way of mounting ski was by atoe mark. All skiers big or small feet would iniciate turn from same point on ski. K2 volkl pre had scale on sidewall of ski to position toe in same spot.Women in particular are victom to boot center marked skis because in general they have smaller feet than men.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

I understand your point now. But mounting bindings relative to the toe makes it more difficult to have the "sweet spot" of a ski at the same location for all boot sizes (especially for modern technique where pressuring with your toes is not recommended). That is why I prefer mounting relative to center of boot (under the arches).

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