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Copper help!!!

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Planning a trip to Copper for March 2-8, what should I expect? Meeting 3-5 friends, here's what we need to know?

Lift ticket prices for Mon-Fri(Sun and Sat are transit days)

Lodging: A couple of rooms and a couch would be ideal, how much could a suite be had for in the area?

Busy as hell that time of year, I'm sure?

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Hi Grue, since your going to be there mid-week it should not be to crowded. Heard that Copper is not going to do the 4 pass this year so that should help with crowds too.

A couple of places to look for lodging prices:
fill out the form and see what responses you get.
Also http://www.skigolfvacations.com sometimes has good rates.
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Thanks. What's the 4-pass? Also, any reccos on where to rent skis? I broke one of my boards out of warranty, so I'll be renting this season :/
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the 4 pass was a pass that had 4 lifts tickets on it, cheap. They sold tons of them last year and may have impacted the crowds there. Like I said heard that they will not be doing it again but worth checking out to make sure. I do not know of any rental shops but sure that someone will.
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Yo, Grue!!

You should probably buy a Copper Card for $10. Then it looks like lift tix are $29 for most of your trip!!!!

Copper Mtn

Copper Cards are listed with the season pass info!!!

Have Fun!!!

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looks like I was wrong about the 4 pass. just got a mailer in the mail from Copper.
4 days for 79.00 avail only from Denver area King Soopers or Safeway grocery stores till Sept 30th or until supplies last. Prior years they sold out early.

Black out dates 12-26/12-29, 1-3/1-5, 1-18/1-19, 2-15/2-16, 3-8/3-15
one lift ticket per day on four separate days

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They also had the 4-pass at Gart's Sniagrab last weekend. Don't know if they are still selling them there or not.

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